Weathertech vs Husky: Top Floor Mats Liners Explained

If you are worried about the dust, dirt, spills, and stains on the floor of your car and truck, then don’t get worried or irritated at all. You can keep your cars and trucks in proper and healthy condition by making use of floor mats liners. Nowadays they are occupying the vital position in the market as they protect your new and old used cars and trucks.

In this post, I will talk about the two famous brands of floor mat liners –Weathertech and Husky which will guide you to draw the comparison between husky vs weathertech so that you can opt the best suitable liner as per your convenience.

Weathertech vs Husky

You will find style, length of service and overall value of top quality.

It offers durability and stain resistance due to the exclusive elastomeric material.

In extreme temperatures, it remains flexible as it is made up of high-density tri-extruded material.

It can meet the needs of the rugged rigidity of the weather beater or the flexibility of the X-Act contour.

The spills are kept in check in the raised edges and reservoir system.

To prevent shifting while driving the STA-put nibs hold the liner securely.

You can find it in black, grey, tan and cocoa color.

It comes in black, grey and tan.

It will serve as the floor mats for trucks, cars, vans, cargo & truck liners.

You will find it easy and simple to install and clean.

The price of it is $197.90 including shipping.

The total cost of it is $179.95

It is more polished and classier in appearance.

To outfit a rugged truck and to protect the carpet you will experience it great.

It is smooth in construction.

In its production, you will find spikes.


It ensures maximum coverage and sharp look due to innovative 3-D modeling software. At the more affordable price, it offers excellent protection due to semi-custom all-weather floor mats and trim-to-fit AVM universal floor mats. Against general wear and tear, it carries a limited lifetime warranty.


The objective is to provide modernizing floorboard protection. As long as you own the vehicle, it offers a lifetime warranty. Every square inch of your floorboard or cargo area will be protected due to the advanced scanning technology. Here you will get three lines of custom fit floor liners.

Now I will make aware about the Weathertech Alternative so that you can enjoy more in-depth knowledge and understanding of various types of floor mat liners.

Weathertech Alternative

  • Intro-Tech Hexomat- It will serve as the custom-fit floor mat which provides wall-to-wall footwell coverage.
  • Motortrend Odorless Rubber Floor Mats- For your car’s carpet it will provide some protection at an inexpensive price.
  • MAXpider KAGU floor liners- You can easily scrape mud and dirt off your feet due to its design. It holds carbon fiber-like print with 3-year limited warranty.
  • Husky Liners- Since 1988 they are into the picture which confirms perfect fit due to laser-scanning technology. All the main points you can get about this product by going through this article which is based on Husky liners vs Weathertech.

All these brands will work as the Weathertech alternative which will serve the particular condition and purpose.

Final Verdict

To keep your vehicle, especially trucks in the perfect, complete and comfortable condition, you take care of various types of facilities like bed liner, floor mat liner and much more. By all these conveniences, you can efficiently and pleasantly handle all the situations. Make use of top floor mats liners to enjoy cleanliness in your car or truck.

You can choose among Weathertech vs Husky floor mat liners that are durable and enjoy exceptional quality. Which will be the best brand for you will depend on your choice and preferences. Both dominate the market. If you desire industrial look along with lifetime warranty, then go for Husky mats while you can enjoy polished look with Weathertech mat liner.

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  1. Re WeatherTech, no review comments on the Net ever show that these are slippery on shoe soles. They may look nice but I’m told by people that have them that your feet slide on them when getting in/out of the car.

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