Travel Trailer vs Fifth wheel : Top Comparison

Today, the travel trailers and fifth wheels make the large popular trailers on the road. These RV body types befit the particular needs of adventuring families. Now you must be thinking what are the differences between the two so that you can go for the best one. I will discuss the travel trailer vs. the fifth wheel so that it will be easy for you to make a perfect choice.

Travel Trailer vs Fifth wheel

  • Hitch – Travel trailer attaches to the rear of the vehicle at the bumper. It uses the conventional ball hitch system. On the other side, a fifth wheel hitch attaches to the bed of truck through the special hitch. It is easier to hitch fifth wheels.
  • Levels of the Floor- The fifth wheels possesses extra living space above the hitch as it is attached to the truck bed. You can make use of it as the master bedroom. Usually, the fifth wheels have few stairs to ascend and descend stairs as it split into two levels. But this feature is not observed in the travel trailer.
  • Size and Weight- Normally the travel trailer is smaller and lighter, so it is easy to tow. Though different sizes are available both for travel trailer and fifth wheels but trailer are usually smaller.
  • Lower Roof- The trailers don’t require much vertical height like the fifth wheel. The hitch of the fifth wheel is higher. The fifth wheels are taller than travel trailers. Travel trailers can go to some places where it is unable to fit fifth wheels as several travel trailers are 9’ or less. However, the fifth wheels have the higher ceiling that gives commodious feel inside.
  • Shorter Length- In fifth wheels, the living space covers over the hitch as it is in the truck bed. With your truck the living area overlays but it is not observed in travel trailers.
  • Tow- If 5th wheel vs. trailer is considered for towing then you will find that fifth wheels are commonly easier to tow. You will see that tow vehicle has much control over the fifth wheel.
  • Back up- If people towed for the fifth wheel vs. travel trailer then the result will come that travel trailers are easier to back up as they hitch at the bumper. Whereas above the rear wheels, the fifth wheels attach in the bed of the truck, so you will experience it a different ball game.
  • Storage Space- Fifth wheels have more storage space underneath due to two-level design as compare to travel trailer. Also, you can check whether you can use the truck bed mat in your vehicle or not to get an extra protection from vibration and road noise. The extra living space is observed above the hitch in fifth wheels, and even the interiors are often more spacious than travel trailers. They have larger tanks as compare to travel trailers.
  • Cost- Travel trailers are less costly than fifth wheels. It depends whether you are planning to buy a new from the dealer or looking for the used models. If you are interested in looking on the used market, than at reasonable prices you will find the quality fifth wheels.

Travel Trailer vs Fifth wheel

Here are the pros of Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel    

Travel TrailersFifth Wheel
Generally cheap so can be easily afforded.Spacious floorplans for larger families.
Without a truck, it can be towed.Better movability backing in.
Height restrictions are less, and accessible.Possesses split bedrooms with doors.
Usually traveling is defter due to small size.Generally more headspace for taller people due to taller size.
Back of truck can be used like a garage.Enjoys better steadiness and evener towing.
It is easy for dry camping.It is easy to hook up and holds more storage.

Here are the cons of Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

Travel TrailersFifth Wheel
Usually they are smaller.Generally they are larger.
Have less storage.Normally heavier.
Possess lower ceilings.They are taller.
Bigger trailers incline to sway more.They are costlier.

Which one is better?

Now if 5th wheel vs. travel trailer is taken into account, then the obvious question comes to mind that which one is better. It depends on you which one do you prefer. Some feel that travel trailers are more appealing as they are available in different shapes and sizes that possess lots of living space. On the other side, you will find that some prefer the fifth wheel as they have the high ceiling and maneuverable.

You have to take the tow vehicle into account by checking the tow capacity ratings on your vehicle. You can go through online to find out that your vehicle can be pulled by which type of trailers. Even your travel style plays a crucial role in deciding which trailer is best suited for you by determining factors like whether you are going for family vacations for a few weeks or would like to take weekend road trips.

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