Toyota FJ Cruiser vs 4Runner – Detailed Comparison

Searching for a good SUV in budget and proper specifications is one task that requires a lot of research. To narrow it down for you, I have compared the popular Toyota SUV models FJ Cruiser and Runner. Both these models give above-average off-road experience. The models are equipped with many features that will make your ride smooth. To know how actually these both models differ, we will discuss their specifications side by side to get a clear idea of their differences. 

Before going through differences lets have a quick sneak peek at their attractive features and pros.

FJ Cruiser:

fj cruiserThis retro-styled model is the recreation of 1958 FJ40’s original model. Since its release, the model has been competing with popular SUVs like Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Xterra. The model is available in both manual and automatic variants.



Toyota 4Runner has been giving an excellent off-road performance along with spacious interiors for more than thirty years now. The body-on-construction and options for color in trims make it more popular among the masses. Lastly, the SUV also has a sunroof and heated wiper blades.

Now let’s discuss all their differences to know which one you should buy for that smooth ride.

FJ Cruiser vs 4Runner

FJ Cruiser4Runner
The engine of this model operates on 260 HP with and 271lb-ft.Toyota 4Runner has an engine that operates on 270 HP and 278lb-ft.
Toyota FJ Cruiser has standard seating for five passengers.The 4Runner model from Toyota has seating for up to seven passengers.
The seats can be folded to create a 66.8 cubic feet of cargo.The SUV can hold up to cargo of 88.8 cubic when the seats are folded down.
It is more like a retro-designed vehicle similar to the older Toyota models.4Runner is a large SUV with four doors and is more spacious than the cruiser.
The cruiser model has side curtain airbags and front-seat side-impact airbags for safety.The model is equipped with eight standard airbags for safety.
The seats of the cruiser are made from the standard fabric having water resistance property.The seats of this model are more luxurious given to its leather seats and good quality stitching.
The model with the rear wheel has a five-speed automatic transmission.This model has a revised center console and a transmission shifter area.
This model has power side mirrors equipped with a turn signal indicator.This model has taillights and vortex generators at side mirrors that gives more stability while driving the car.

Concluding Remarks

Both the models from Toyota in 2014 FJ-Cruiser and 4Runner is a good buy. The models have a four-wheel-drive system. However, if you are looking for a spacious SUV with exceptional interiors and comfort, you should opt for Toyota 4Runner. This SUV is suitable for people looking for a car for a large family. With the added convenience, this model is the ultimate SUV for you. If you are looking for a model that has the off-road capability, then you should choose FJ Cruiser. Analyze all the aspects of both the models and decide which one you want to invest in. I hope this article helps you in knowing all the features and differences between both models.

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