Spray in vs Drop in Bedliner: Which One is Better?

Are you planning to buy bedliner for your truck to avoid corrosion? If yes, then you must be thinking which one to buy so that your truck walls and floor enjoy outstanding results.

In the market, you will get various brands of bedliners. Here I will make you aware of spray in and drop in truck bedliners so that you can draw the comparison between both of these quality products. The knowledge and understanding about spray in vs drop in bedliner will help you in deciding which one is better for you.

Drop-in Bedliner

It provides bed floor protection to your truck. You can easily install it in your vehicle and can also remove it without many efforts. You can protect your vehicle from dings, scratches, and dents. It will accurately fit your truck as it is “custom fit.”


  • You will find it inexpensive with easy replacement.
  • For water drainage, it holds ribbed floor patterns which in turn also protects from dents.
  • For installing you don’t require much drilling or prep work. You can fix it.
  • All the dents and damages found on the bed can be covered by it.
  • For your specific truck, it serves as the custom fit.
  • Warranty is granted to aftermarket units.

After discussing the profits of drop-in truck bedliners, let’s move on to the negative side of it.


  • The inner bedsides are not secured due to older rubber units.
  • Due to vibration and wind, you can experience noisy plastic liners at highway speeds. With time the chemical units can start vibrating.
  • If it gets loose, then you will observe rust on it, in the case for the longer period you don’t use the vehicle. The water gets stuck between the liner and the bed due to plastic liners.

All the information as mentioned above regarding pros and cons of drop-in bedliner will help you in knowing that in what ways you can make use of this product and how it can be beneficial to you.

Now I will move ahead with the pros and cons of spray-in bedliner.

Spray-in Bedliner

It holds protective coating like polyurethane which will provide adequate safety. It will save your truck from minor scratches and dings. It is vital to “scuff” the truck beds unique finish so that you can install it correctly.


  • In heavy-equipment industry and the military area, you can make of it which will serve you for the longer period.
  • Nationwide warranty is offered to some brands so at cheaper rates or without any charge you can get it repaired.
  • You will find watertight seal which is corrosion resistant. With proper surface prep, it provides excellent hold to steel.
  • It will cover minor bed dents and impairment and can be dried immediately.
  • You can look after your rocker panels and fender wells as it is resourceful.
  • You can enjoy the higher resale value of your truck than before. Enjoy all types of textures from hard to grippy.

These are the positive side of the spray-in liner. Now I will talk about the weaknesses.


  • Direct sunlight and the longer period can cause dullness to the color.
  • The careless application can result in the improper finish.
  • If around the bed you move tools or boxes, then it can be proved hard to your knees.
  • Installer decides the thickness of the application.
  • Easily it gets blemishes and is permanent.

All these points reflect the negative side of spray-in bedliner.

Drop in vs Spray in Bedliner

Drop-in BedlinerSpray-in Bedliner
It will shield your truck beds in economical way.Perfect for beachgoers and travelers.
For particular trucks it can be custom fit.Offers automatic customized protection to the truck.
You will find little to no prep work.Durable and unaffected by the corrosion.
Means to cover past damage.Meant for heavy- equipment industry and the military.
It holds thick solution.Comparatively thinner than drop-in liner.
Some gets shifted.Will not shifted.
The rubber cost varies from $ 50-$200 and the plastic cost lies between $140-$400.The cost ranges from $350-$700.

From this table, you can make out the primary differences between the drop in vs spray-in bedliner.

Which Bedliner is Better?

Both types of bedliners – drop-in and spray-in will provide safety to your truck. Which is better for you, depends on your requirements and preferences. If you want to increase the resale of your truck and wish for durability for your work truck, then spray-in truck bedliner is apt for you. On the other hand, if you desire for floor protection in comparatively lower cost and give priority to skid resistance along with the protection of the dent then drop-in truck bedliner is suitable for you. Ultimately the choice is yours.

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