How Much Does a Spray In Bedliner Really Cost

If you are a truck driver, then surely you are in love with your truck and want it to be the second best and comfortable place for you from your house. Protect this favorite thing of yours from the damage which can happen anytime, at the time of heavy or light hauling, or some other XYZ reasons. You must have proper bed liner to keep your truck bed safe. So, save it with the most advanced and efficient bed liners in the market.

There are mainly two types of bed liners. One is drop-in liners, and the other is spray-in liners. Today in this article, we will talk about spray in bedliners, their benefits, and costs. Let’s go further.

Spray in bed liner

This bed liner is known as long lasting and permanent solution for covering up the area as it is created by spraying polyurethane elastomer directly onto the bed. Such liners do not allow any water or dirt. It also decreases the risk of any other damaging items to get trapped between the truck bed and the liners.

Unlike the drop in liners, these liners can’t break or fall out. If your truck’s initial surface preparation is bang on, then you do not need to worry about the overall performance of a spray in liner. It will not disappoint you that is for sure.

Benefits of Spray in bedliners

  • It protects your truck bed from the scratches (of the paint or so) and dents.
  • It prevents sliding of the objects. Like this, it can avoid damages.
  • Quality spray in bedliner decreases the chances of bubbles, shifting, or cracking as it is water tight.
  • Spray in liner always be created on your truck. So it fits your truck bed perfectly and you don’t need to adjust or compromise with the less.
  • It doesn’t take much time to install the bedliner. It is quick and easy to install.

Spray in Bedliner Cost

The spray on bedliner cost can be varied region to region. You may not get the same price in the New York like you have discussed at Texas. So it depends on the areas and also on the mediators. Middle man has a lot of influence on the price of the final cost.

There are many brands which are into this business; like Line-X, Rhino, Bed Rug, Dual liner, Pendaliner, U pol etc. The primary bed liner will roughly cost you between $290 to $550. Line-X and Rhino are the top 2 brands which are recommended and highly popular amongst all.

As per our research and compiled results, we realized that the lowest spray in bedliner cost quotes in Nome, Texas and the highest cited in Omaha, Nebraska – where the price can go high and reach near $670 sometimes. But as mentioned, generally it is less than $550.

Line-X spray on bedliner is top on our list. Rhino bedliner cost is lower than the Line-X (just by the few dollars), but Line-X provides unmatched protection for the truck. It is tough, bold, and the most durable liner on the market. It gives a lifetime warranty and designed to meet the needs of every truck owner. Whether you are a farmer, hunter, contractor, or just a tourist.

There are many reasons for being lovable brand for the truck owners in this category since years; few are as under;

  • It resists staining from harsh chemicals.
  • It prevents leaks, rust, and corrosion.
  • There will be no more peeling.
  • The company gives assurance of permanent bond.
  • It is environment-friendly and VOC-free.
  • There are many options of colors.
  • It is impact absorbing.
  • It has sound damping.

So, search ‘spray in bedliner near me’ and go fast to install the perfect one for you. Whether you want to improve the look, or protection of your truck, Line–X will solve the majority of the problem faced by a truck owner.

Extra tip – Essential factors when choosing the bedliners

1) The Reviews of selected bedliner

Always take a look at reviews for different bedliners as such feedback will help you to identify the possibilities. Pay attention to what others are saying.

2) Its ease of use

Some of the bedliners can be applied on your own. It is a DIY activity which is easy if you know the steps of installation. Know about the product how user-friendly it is!

3) Its durability.

Any liner must stay on the surface of the truck for an extended period of time. It determines its strength.

4) Its color compatibility.

Never forget to consider your truck’s color. It is important NOT to mismatch the liner. Also, keep in mind that color can also change depending on the way of installation. Over-application darkens the actual shade.

5) Liners you need – Quantity, etc.

Avoid buying more than your need. Measure always. It will save a lot of money!

We hope you got enough knowledge about the spray in bedliner cost. Now you can open and read this article even when you are confused between the line-x or rhino bedliner cost. Share your thoughts about how the spray in bedliner helped you to save your truck bed and how it added beauty on it.

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  1. I liked that you had mentioned that it protects the bed and paint from dents and scratches. My wife and I have been looking for a way to protect the bed of my new truck since we’re wanting it to last a long time. Knowing that getting a rhino lining could protect the bed from possible damage, we might have to look into getting one.

  2. Was gonna have my bike powder coated, but i just had the brilliant idea (at least to me) of covering my whole bike in Rhino liner, nice pebbley black surface, make bike almost indestructible. Does anyone have an opinion or feedback on why this might b a good idea/bad idea?

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