Best Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Reviews of 2018

Are you one of those car owners who has chosen to take the road less traveled by owning a pickup truck? Are you someone who transports cargo frequently? If your answer to both these questions is a resounding yes, then this article is perfect for you. While we all agree with how useful an open-air truck bed is, we also need to acknowledge the fact that it needs to be specially protected from the harsh weather. This is where tonneau covers come to your rescue.

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that can be used to protect your open-air truck bed or the items that it carries. If you are a proud owner of a pick-up truck, then this list of the best tonneau covers reviews is what you need to keep your beloved truck safe.

Best Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

1. Premium TCD371011 Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

Premium TCD371011 Tonneau CoverThis best trifold tonneau cover from Tyger is what your pickup truck needs when you transport your cargo. The cover, made up of premium vinyl, is water resistant and can be secured to your truck bed with plastic clamps. The cover is so designed to give your car a sleek look while also saving up your car’s fuel! Perfect for a truck bed length of 6.5 ft, this best roll up tonneau cover is a savior for your luggage.

The features of this best truck bed cover are:

  • Ideal for Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Ram 2500. You can use the website’s check fit option to confirm whether this cover fits your vehicle.
  • Completely assembled truck cover that does not need you to do any drilling
  • US patented clamps to ensure a secure fit.
  • The design lets you save up to 10- 13% of your fuel
  • Tough alloy frame combined with tear resistant vinyl for a sturdy cover
  • Rear and front clamp to secure the cover in place. Easy to install.
  • 10-year warrantyamazon-button

2. Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tri Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tonneau CoverThis best trifold tonneau cover is all you need to secure the truck bed of your Dodge Ram. Perfect for a 6.5’ truck bed, you can secure the cover in place with clamps. The product comes with weather seals, LED light, and a mounting hardware kit.

The features of this best tonneau cover are:

  • US patented clamps to secure the cover and protect your truck bed from moisture, dirt, and extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to install. You need to remove the bed side rails or cargo rack if you want to install the cover
  • Low profile design that can save up to 10 – 13 % of your fuel with its aerodynamic design
  • Comes with Tyger limited lifetime warrantyamazon-button

3. Bestop 16113-01 Tonneau Truck Bed Cover for Ford F150

Bestop 16113-01 Tonneau Truck Bed CoverThis best roll up tonneau cover from Bestop is the perfect for your Ford truck. The frame and latching system comes with the cover and the best part is that you do not need to attach it to the bed rails while installing it. The weather tested and tough exterior grade vinyl fabric comes with a lifetime warranty. The 3-panel stack folding design and no-drill installation make it easy to remove and set-up the cover as and when required.

The features of this best tonneau cover are:

  • Fabric that resists wear and tear and UV exposure without any discolouration
  • Integrated latch attaching system with buckle straps to secure the cover in place
  • Sectional aluminum frames to give the cover stability and structure
  • Improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and boosts fuel mileage
  • Installs in less than 10 minutesamazon-button

4. Tonno Pro 42-201 Tonno Fold Black Tri Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro 42-201 Truck Tonneau CoverThis best truck bed cover for extremely short truck beds- 5.7’ is the perfect option to cover your cargo and save fuel. This best tri fold tonneau cover does not require any drilling and can be installed in 5 minutes. The snap clip system allows it to be fastened and locked into position easily.

The features of this best tonneau cover are:

  • Double sided marine grade teralyne vinyl that is tear resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Powder coated 6063 Aluminium frame that allows for easy folding and has a lifetime warranty
  • Patented slide lock design for easy installation
  • Weather Tite Q seal, coated and front flap stitching for a long lasting and weatherproof cover
  • Includes 4 Free Gifts (Pro Clean Vinyl Cleaner, Work Gloves, Sureseal Tailgate Seal, and Tonno Torch Truck Bed Light)
  • Snap clip fastening system that allows the cover to be used in closed or open position


5. TruXedo 297701 TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 297701 TruXport Tonneau CoverTruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover is the best tonneau cover with the dual latch mechanism. The industrial grade fabric offers high durability and ensures that the cover lasts long. You can choose to roll the cover up as needed and secure it with Velcro straps.

The features of this best truck bed cover are:

  • Quick release and roll up of the cover. Secure placement due to the dual latch system on offer
  • Affordable, easy to install, and wear resistant
  • Sleek appearance that can modify your truck’s aerodynamics and make it fuel efficient by improving the MPG by 10%
  • Clamp on rails and Velcro straps to secure the cover in place without any drilling or cutting
  • Automatic tension control to keep the cover tautamazon-button

6. Tonno Pro LR-1050 Lo-Roll Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro LR-1050 Lo-Roll Tonneau CoverThis best roll up tonneau cover from Tonno is perfect for trucks of bed length 5.8ft. This Lo-roll cover can be mounted inside your truck bed rails and therefore allows you to use your stake bed pockets to mount additional items such as ladder racks and bike rails. It takes less than half an hour to set this up, and you can roll it on and off your cargo as required.

The features of this best tonneau cover are:

  • Marine grade teralyne vinyl that is powder coated and attached to a 6063 Aluminium frame.
  • Tear resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • No-drill installation. All you need is a 17 mm socket and ratchet.
  • Patented front flap and Weather Tite seals that can keep the moisture out
  • 4 free gifts – Sureseal tailgate seal, TonnoTorch detachable LED light, Pro Clean vinyl cleaner, and Pro Gloves


7. Undercover FX31004 Black Flex Tonneau Cover

Undercover FX31004 Tonneau CoverThis best tonneau cover from Undercover, Flex, offer the best of both worlds by offering the security features of a hardcover and the convenience of a soft roll up cover. This best hard tonneau cover uses Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP) panels that are lighter, stronger, and offer higher dent resistance than aluminum. You can fold the panels and secure it with straps to access the truck bed partially or fold it entirely and secure it with the built in props. The cover can be installed in 20 minutes and does not require any drilling.

The features of this best truck bed cover are:

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer panels that are durable and protect the truck bed contents even at a temperature as low as -20◦F
  • Uses a clamp system that allows for easy installation and removal
  • The cover can be cleaned with a mild soap and water and comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Low profile design that can be installed inside your truck’s rails
  • Improves gas mileage by 10% with its sleek designamazon-button

If your vehicle does not have a tonneau cover, now is the time to get one to keep your truck bed and cargo safe and secure. We hope that this article on the “best tonneau cover reviews” helps you in finding the one that fits your beloved ride perfectly. To have a perfect protection of your beloved vehicle, you should also get the best bed liner for your truck bed.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover?

how to install a tonneau cover

You all are aware of the importance of tonneau covers in your truck. It is easy to install the soft cover, but for hardcover you need guidance. Before installing the cover make sure it suits the requirement of your truck. Now I will make you understand how to get it fixed in your vehicle.

  • First of all, make sure that the bed liners, bed rail caps and other parts should be well-matched with the cover. Attach the rails to your bed if you find the tracks along with tonneau cover.
  • Cut a notch to fit a clamp if during installation a bed liner gets in the way. With your cover, if you find tailgate then adjust it. The tailgate may interfere with the installation so it would be good if you open it.
  • On to the bed rail roughly place the side rail. Tighten up all the mounting hardware after lining up the tonneau cover rail. Ensure that rails are lightly gripped in the place. All over again observe the rail alignment and if you find any gaps then modify it accordingly to tighten up the loose hardware completely.
  • Along the perimeter, the tonneau should be fitted evenly. On the tonneau rails, you set the top to get an idea. In case your rail position faces any discrepancies then amend it suitably.
  • Check the gaps by observing all the sealing surfaces. If you find something missing, then make the adjustments to get the appropriate results.

All these are the guiding principle which will help you in installing a tonneau cover. You can also find drainage tubes to turn away rain and bump stops. In case your hardcover is opened then it will protect your truck from dings. You can connect them to the corners of the bed. You can contact a manufacturer or mechanic in case you face any problem while installing.

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