If you own a truck, especially a new one, then there are most possible chances that your friends or relatives have advised about getting a best diy bed liner for your truck. And it is so because your truck does a lot of things like hauling, playing, working throughout the day. Various types of cargos you transport with the help of your truck. And the best bed liner helps to protect your truck bed from any damage which can be caused by the cargo moving by your truck.

There is a bunch of brands claiming to provide a perfect bed liner, so you may get it difficult sometimes to choose a right option for them. You can choose from the two types of bed liners according to your needs; spray-in bed liner or a drop-in bed liner. Most of the users choose a spray-in bed liner for their trucks. So, today, we are going to provide you the reviews and comparison of the top two spray-in bed liners; Rhino Liner and Line X. Our research, analysis, and face to face comparison of Rhino Liner Vs Line X will help you to choose the best option for your truck according to your requirements and budget.

First, we will take a look at what is common among the both.

Similarities between Line X and Rhino Liner

  • Installation part is crucial for bed liner working. If you are or have a good installer, then you will get the best results out of the liner you use.
  • Remember that, even if you got the best of the best bed liner for your truck, it could not beat UV radiations. So, it will fade away in a few years because of the direct sunlight. And this is applicable for both, in fact, for all. So you need to remove and install a new bed liner after a few years.
  • Chemicals used in both the liners are same.
  • Both liners offer a nationwide lifetime warranty.
  • Color options are typically same for the Rhino Liner and Line X.
  • The installation area should be clean for the job getting done with proper tools, which is also applied to both.
  • If you want professional help to install a truck bed liner, then cost should be same for both Line-X and Rhino Liner which is near to $400-900 range.

Now, let’s check the differences between the Line X and Rhino Liner in terms of durability, installation, performance, and cost.

Rhino Liner Vs Line X

Rhino Liner is the most famous bed liner today. Due to its versatility and reliability, you can use it in different places without any hassle. On the other hand, if you want a molded look on your truck bed, then Line X is a better option to choose. Comparing the durability, the Line X is more durable than Rhino Liner, especially for a regular daily use.

Installation of Rhino Liner Vs Line X

The installation process varies from one installer to another for Rhino Liner. If your installer uses a hot and high-pressure spray system, then you will get a similar application like Line X because Line X is applicable with a high-pressure system at 130-210 degrees. Some installers use TuffGrip process for installing Rhino Liner which provides a softer and rubbery feeling than the Line X bed liner.

Performance Line-X Vs Rhino Liner

Sometimes, people may find the truck bed which is covered with Line X bed liner is harder than that with Rhino Liner. When you move around your truck bed, you will feel hardness on your knees and also sometimes; it may cause damage to your wooden type cargo. On the other hand, Rhino Liner provides a smoother finish which behaves more gentle to your knees and cargo. Rhino Liner has a thicker coating than the Line X which makes it better sound deadening bed liner. But softness means less resistive, so, Rhino Liner is not good as Line X is for tear resistance. Line X has a superior curing process, and so it is more durable than Rhino Liner.

Cost Line-X Vs Rhino Liner

It doesn’t matter which spray-in bed liner you choose, whether it is Rhino Liner or Line X, if you get the full body installation, then it may cost you around $3000-$5000. If you want to do only a truck bed lining, then it may cost between $500 to $1000.


So, Rhino Liner Vs Line X – Which one is the Best?

Soon from the beginning, the Line X bed liners were using the best application process compared to the inferior cold process from Rhino Liner. They also offered a country-wide warranty, years before that offered by Rhino. And so, The Line-X bed liner is more preferable by the users than the Rhino Liner. This is the matter of years before.

But, the scenario has changed now. Most of the Rhino Liners use the most similar application process and chemical material that the Line X installers are using. So, the difference between these two spray-in bed liners has become minimal. Both claims to be the ‘best.’ But claiming is not an important factor for a permanent bed liner for your truck. The most important two things are; the quality of the bed liner installer and the second is THE QUALITY OF THE BED LINER INSTALLER. Yes, you read it right. Because, the quality is the most important factor and it matters a lot.

This post of the Rhino Liner Vs Line X bed liners will help you to choose the most suitable product. You can always research on the web, ask your local traders, your friends, and relative who also have installed a bed liner on their vehicle, and then decide which one is the best for your truck.