Problems with Spray on Bedliners – You Should Aware About

Are you planning to use spray on bed liners for your truck? Wait! Before finalizing the application of spray-on bedliners, you should be aware of the problems associated with it. No doubt, the spray on bedliners are popular as they protect your truck, but they also create some problematic issues.

In this post, I will make you familiar with the difficulties and complications you can face with the spray on bed liners. Let’s proceed to discuss the same in detail.

Problems with Spray on Bed liners

  • Get blemished – With time the spray on bedliners get stained so you can’t rely on them blindly. The spray on bedliners products doesn’t provide any warranty against discoloration.

Get blemished

  • Inefficient installation – At times installer quickly set up the spray on bedliner without paying attention to the quality fitting. Intentionally they do this to complete the task soon just to make quick money. As a result, quality suffers.  
  • Poor Prep work – If the task of spray on bedliners is poorly performed then the results will be peeling, bubbling, thin spots and voids in the coverage. In case the rear window, outside of the bed and covered plugs are not properly taken care off then it will create the problem for the users.
  • Temporary product – Within the first year of application the spray on bedliners generally display marks of fading. They perform their task of protection on the short-term basis. If you try to clean the bed liners, then they might leave residue and wreckages.
  • Dissimilar charges of the installers – You will find the vast differences in costs between the installers. For installation, you have to be very careful so that you don’t assign work to greedy installers which will result in the loss.
  • Unsatisfactory customer service – You can’t put your faith in customer service as they can mislead you. At the time of assistance, you may have to suffer shady customer service which results in frustration in the mind of the user. For any poor results – the manufacturers, dealers or installers will not take responsibility and blame each other.

Unsatisfactory customer service

  • Low resale value – If you plan to resale the spray on bedliners then make sure you won’t be profited as its resale value is shallow. You will not find increased resale value.
  • The concern with permanent liners – The permanent liners will create mess due to filthy hauling, and then you have to bear the disorder that provides discomfort.

Permanent Liners

From all these points you can make out the drawbacks and inconveniences of applying spray on bed liners.

What is the solution?

It is essential to protect your truck especially at the time of transportation so that you can save them from damages. As spray on bedliners will not provide you pleasing results, then you can make use of DualLiner.

You can enjoy durability, lifetime warranty, appropriate finish, sound protection, high quality with satisfactory results by making use of DualLiner which will serve you as the better substitute to spray on bed liners.

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