Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner Kit Reviewed and Compared

Linerxtreeme DIY truck bed liner kit can coat up to 100 square feet of the surface area. Even if you have a massive truck and truck beds, this product can give some fantastic results. Though it is quite costly, many professionals suggest to try it once because it is very repairable, long lasting, and amicable. It goes right back over itself and comes in multiple colors. In this article, I am going to review the liner extreme bed liner, so that my readers can know the product better.

If you are one of those professionals who are interested in trucks and all these bedliner stuff, you must have heard about linerxtreeme bed liner as it is rocking the market of the same since last 20 years and more. Let me tell you some other extraordinary benefits of linerxtreeme spray on bedliner kit.

LinerXtreeme Spray on Bedliner Kit

The company provides three options of different bedliners – The Black, the Colors, and The Pure Epoxy Formula. All of these items are different than each other. If you choose one of them, then you can not change the activators. If you want to use an extremely thick activator, then there is the option of epoxy urethane. But if you need some watery activator, then you should go for the urethane only.

  • ‘The Black’ is the standard formula of LinerXtreeme. It comes with three units of sprayable liquid and a gun (which does not cost you anything) for the smooth procedures. The manufacturer has also added two reducer vessels.
  • These gallons are enough for two small sized truck beds. If you have a larger truck, then the kit can cover up one vehicle with around 8-foot bed. You can use it efficiently with the customizing and repair shooting gun.
  • It is famous because of its excellent UV protection, robust adhesion, and ultra power. It is a tough bedliner with the best quality. It comes with the long-lasting base of epoxy urethane and not the base of polyurethane.
  • Not only for trucks, but also the owners of jeeps, boats, and ATV, etc. can use this product for better durability and smart appearance as the finishing of the product is semi-gloss. The gloss may fed after some period, but the color will surely stay as it is!
  • If you don’t like the glossy touch and want a flat/matte finish, then choose ‘The Colors,’ which looks best on decks for that non-glossy feature.
  • When it comes to the underwater usage, the pure epoxy formula works extraordinarily well. It is not preferable for truck beds.
  • There are some useful instructions given so that the user can apply the bedliner easily. There are thousands of happy customers who just love the quality and the ease of application of this product.Bedliner Kit

Apart from all such extraordinary benefits, the users are happy, happier, and happiest because there are some other reasons for using the liner extreme bed liner. One of them is that this product works fine on woods. Some customers believe that it sticks better on the wood than the other coatings of the wood. Some people also it on the walk-in refrigerator floors. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Take Away Information

  1. The stuff you are going to use is noxious. So, make sure that you do all the spraying activities in some clean and open place. Also, wear the clothes you don’t want to wear in the future. There are a lot of chances of messing them up with the color.
  2. Wear an approved and a good quality paint respirator to stop the germs entering in your nose and mouth.
  3. Check the color and make sure you are applying the right coating. Also, check the guns and compressor setups.
  4. Clean the surface with soap and water to remove debris and degrease it with the help of wax or grease remover. Take an 80 or 100 grit paper and rough out the surface.
  5. Start coating the vertical surfaces and corners, and then go for the flat ones. You can do several coatings if you want to make it thicker than the other bedliners.

That’s all I wanted to say about the linerxtreeme bed liner. I hope I have covered almost every information you wanted to know. Try your hand on the best bed liner, and especially ‘The Black Linerxtreeme.’ I am sure you will not go for the other options of bed liners after using it. Happy spraying!

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