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How to Remove Tonneau Cover: Removal Guide for Bed Cover

You can save your loads placed on the bed of the vehicle by making use of tonneau bed cover. It will protect the bed of your truck from rain, snow, extreme heat, dirt, rust, corrosion, fading paint, and scratches. It will allow the reduction of air drag on the bed. This cover will add beauty to your truck.

In this post, I will talk about how to remove tonneau cover. But before that, I will make you aware of the types of tonneau cover available on the market.

Retractable – It holds a series of small floorboard that slides open and closes like a garage door. At the front end of the truck bed, it can be rolled up into a canister.

Soft – Cloth or plastic material is used to make this cover. You can quickly remove it. Snaps, Velcro or tongue, and groove style weather stripping are used to attach the heavy-duty leather grain vinyl trap.

Paneled – It comes in both hard and soft materials. Hinges are used to connect two, three or four sections. With locks, you will get the hardcovers.

Hard – Plastic or fiberglass is used for the formation of this cover. It will keep your valuables safe and secure.

After getting familiar with the types of the tonneau cover, now I will discuss how to remove tonneau cover.

If the tonneau cover can roll up or pull down as per the requirement, then it considered the best cover. It will be convenient for you if you choose tonneau cover that can be removed on the temporary basis so that you can comfortably fit the big thing in your transport vehicle.

How to Remove Tonneau Cover?

The soft tonneau cover is easy to remove. On the other hand, the hardcovers require skill. If you are not using soft truck bed covers, then you can take it out. From the design, the process of the removal of a tonneau cover differs. By making use of the firm adhesive, you can attach few types of tonneau cover while some require nuts and bolts.

Step 1: Open the Tonneau Cover

Open the tonneau cover

Search the attachment points of tonneau cover by opening it. On the side of the truck bed, you can place it.

Step 2: Take Away the Shocks

Take away the shocks

You can remove the shocks by making use of the screwdriver. On the tonneau cover, you can remove the clips which attach the shock mounts. These shock mounts are joined to the shock brackets.

Step 3: Get Rid of The Pins

Get Rid of The Pins

Now take out bolts on the hinges which will allow you to unfasten the tonneau cover.

Step 4: Getting Off

tonneau cover remove

When tonneau cover is finally taken out, then you can cautiously bring it down to avoid any harm.

From all these points you can make out by what means you can do away with the tonneau cover.

Final Thought

This post will serve as the removal guide for the bed cover. Systematically follow the steps mentioned in this article so that you can smoothly and efficiently remove the tonneau cover.

The tonneau cover is heavy to carry so you can take help of some friends so that your task becomes more comfortable and lighter. While going through the removal task of the tonneau bed cover, you have to be particular about every step so that your precious truck does not suffer from any accidental scratches. Steps are easy to follow. I hope that whatever type of tonneau cover you hold; you can effortlessly get it removed by going through this informative piece of writing.

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