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How to Remove Power Steering Pulley Without Puller – Remove it Easily

Removing Power Steering Pulley sounds very simple and easy, but actually, when it comes to doing it in action, it is not that easy. Basically, you need to remove and reinstall the pulley with maximum care. If you are not a Car-guy and have nothing to do with parts and techniques to fix your car, then I would recommend you to consult a car tech. There are many misconceptions that Power steering pulley removal without a tool is actually not possible. But to your surprise, it is actually possible and can be done at your home itself.

Here is an article briefing you How to remove power steering pulley without a puller. Follow the steps below, and you can easily complete the process at your home also.

Pre-Removal necessary steps:

  • Place your vehicle on the ground level and park in standard transmission.
  • Let the engine cool, do not start working on the heated engine. 
  • Do not forget to apply the parking brake.
  • Keep the hood of the vehicle open. 
  • Keep the battery disconnected before the removal or installation of Power steering pulley.

How to Remove Power Steering Pulley without Puller

Step 1:

While replacing the power steering pulley, make sure that the main drive pulley is removed and then reinstalled. The reinstalled pulley has to be pressed into the input shaft for improving the working of the inner pump. The connection of the inner shaft and pump allows the engine to transfer the power from a serpentine belt to the power steering pump pulley.

Step 2:

The removal tool can take up to 12 inches in front of the pump. After removing the tool, you can clean and remove the pump that is a mounting bracket for sufficient room. Once you have sufficient space to attach the removal tool in front of the pump. Fit the tool by using some force and press to get a perfect position.

Step 3:

To get an intimation of a pulley to start, you will hear a pop informing the tool is started now. You need to continue this process until the pulley becomes free enough to pump input shaft. Make sure you warm the pulley to about 120-130 degrees F and then reinstall the pulley.

Step 4:

The installation of the pulley should be done in a clean, rust-free shaft. If the shaft and the pulley are not cleaned, then the installation process can become difficult and lengthy. Note: Do not lubricate the pulley or shaft with any grease, water, or any liquid. 

If, by any chance, grease or oil is present, make sure to clean it before installation. Lubrication can cause the pulley to slip and result in failure installation.

Step 5:

As we want the pulley to warm at 120-130 degrees. Once we achieve the exact temperature, it is the perfect time to align the pulley onto the shaft. Now you need to spin the pulley till it ensures a square mount gently. Forming a square mount will start the alignment to form correctly before any installation.

Step 6:

Now it is time to turn the pulley on and take the wobble out. This indicates that the pulley is square and perfect. Next up, we will connect the installation tool in front of the input shaft pump.

Step 7:

With step 6, the installation will be completed. Now you need to tighten the collar against the pulley. Again continue to tighten the installation with a ratchet and wrenches. Make sure you have not left any loss areas.

Step 8:

Continue to tighten the tool until the power steering pulley is thoroughly installed. It needs to be flushed together with the pump input shaft. Once you ensure that the pulley is completed flushed along with the shaft, here the installation is done.

Important Precautions

Never try to remove or install a power steering pulley with the help of a hammer.

Wuff! It’s done. It is tiring and really hard, but once it’s done, your engine is going to work smoothly. Make sure you undergo each step carefully and keep the necessary precautions in mind. Also, the pre-removal steps are important as they are some steps that need to be done before operation any car-related actions. I hope this article would have helped you to remove power steering pulley without pulley. See you soon with another amazing article. 

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