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How To Remove Lug Nut Covers – Simple Lug Nut Cap Removal Guide

You’re on a road trip and your tire goes flat. Ah, but you can replace it. Yes! You get to work immediately so that you don’t ruin your trip, but you see the lug nuts. They are difficult to remove, and their covers are making matters worse. Welcome to your nightmare.

We have all been there. A flat tire is frustrating enough and stuck lug nuts add to the misery. Now, lug nuts are essential for the tire. They are there for protective reasons. Most lug nuts also have covers that protect them from corrosion, rust, and the elements. Moreover, people like them because they improve the car’s aesthetics. 

Over time, these covers can get corroded and damaged themselves. Removing them at this point is quite a challenge. Don’t worry though. We are here to help.

How To Remove Lug Nut Covers

There are different ways of removing lug nut covers. We have chosen a few popular ones for you.

1. Use sockets

Use socketsThis is a very easy method. All you need to do is to lubricate your lug nut and then use a hammer to put the socket on it. The socket should snugly fit (square) around it. Now, hammer it on the sides a little gently and then pull it out with the help of Channel-Locks. The cover should come off along with the socket.

You can also do this with an impact wrench following the same process. The only thing to note is that you won’t need to lubricate it if you are using an impact wrench.

2. Use needle nose pliers

Use needle nose pliersIf the covers are not highly deformed, a pair of needle nose pliers will be enough to pry them off. Use them just like you would any other pliers. You may need to apply additional force, of course, but don’t go all out in the first attempt. See if a little push is doing the trick. If not, increase the pressure slowly.

3. Use specialized pliers

Use specialized pliersSince this process has been known to create a nuisance, experts have come up with specialized pliers that serve this specific purpose. Yes, there are lug nut puller pliers made for heavily deformed and stubborn covers. They are designed to have a strong hold on the cover so that you pull it out without problems. 

Please remember that in some vehicles, lug nut covers cannot be removed. They are a part of the lug nut and need to be cut off directly. In this case, no matter which pliers you use and how much you try, the lug nut covers will not come off. So, before trying any of the aforementioned methods, please find out if it is even possible for your vehicle.


In order to loosen lug nuts to change tires, you should first remove the covers. Choose any of the methods above and you will not be frustrated during the process. If you need any additional help, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

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