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How to Make Bed Liner Look New – Get Shine Back of Bed Liner

You may have read about various types of DIY bed liners on this website and may have tried some. After all, we are all about bed liners and stuff. Okay, so once you have applied the bed liner. Then? What next? How will you keep the shine intact even after a few months? You can’t stop using your truck, but, how to protect it so that you don’t need to invest in bed liners again is in your hands. Well, we have the answers. This article is all about making your old bed liner look new. So let’s start with the basics.

How to Make Bed Liner Look New?

Methos 1: Washing the Truck

Washing the Truck

Your truck is continuously moving here and there throughout the day. You may live in an area which you think is clean enough. But, in reality, your truck constantly comes in the contact of many dust particles or debris. So firstly, you should analyze whether your truck bed liner needs conditioning or it has lost its shine just because it is dirty? You will soon get all your answers if you simply wash it or clean it thoroughly.

So, remove all the items from the truck bed. Get rid of small, unwanted guests such as sticks, small rocks, other unnecessary things, and sweep out the dirt. Then, check the liner thoroughly to find any stains or patches. Mark them and start cleaning the truck bed using a pressure washer. Spray water across the truck bed and use an all-purpose cleaning gel. Scrub the liner to remove the harmful substances. At last, use a high-pressure hose to rinse the soapy water from the truck and allow it to dry for 20 – 24 hours.

Note: If you don’t have a pressure washer, then you can use buckets, scrubbers, and microfiber cloths to clean and wipe the truck. The only issue with this method is that it will be less effective. You can also take a professional’s help for washing or ask them how to clean bed liner.

Method 2: Spray-in Bed Liners

Spray-in Bed Liners

Even after cleaning the truck bed liner thoroughly, if you still believe that there is a need to make bed liner look new, then you can get the help of spray-in or spray-on bed liners. A good spray-in bed liner looks fantastic when applied correctly. If you have already applied a bed liner, then also you can make a coating using a spray-in bed liner. It will give your truck a shinier and tidier look with its Aliphatic or Aromatic coating.

There are many definite advantages of spray-in bed liners. The best part is that you can apply it anytime, anywhere, and it doesn’t fade away quickly. Even the application of a spray-in bed liner is easy. After cleaning the truck’s bed, mask all the painted areas and glasses carefully. Then, connect the spray-gun and adjust air pressure. Never use a gun without reading about the manufacturer’s guide.

Once you are done with spray-in bed liners, let it gel-up with the previous coating for some time. Let it dry for 60 minutes at least.

Important Uses of Trucks

Your truck helps you more than you have ever imagined. It not only protects you from bad weather but also helps you to move various things from one place to another. You can make money out of your truck by renting it to others or by transporting goods as well as cattle. You can’t deny the fact that it helps you to live your life to its fullest to some extent. For some of us, it plays a significant role as a bread earner. Because of all these reasons and many more that we haven’t mentioned, it deserves the best products and bed liners among all other vehicles.

Concluding Lines

This is how to make bed liner shine. We hope you got your answers. Here, keep one thing in mind is that many people believe that it is better to reapply the bed liner than just putting an extra layer. But for that, you have to scrape off the older one and then apply the new one. Don’t go for any shortcuts if you want the shinier bed liner.

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