How to Keep Mice out of Camper Or RV

Our beloved RV can suffer from rodent infestation that is very detrimental and nasty experience. You can see them into the entrails of rigs. All over the place they chew and relieve themselves which result in the mess. The mice may chew the electrical wires that cause a significant problem of repairing.

It has been observed that recreational vehicles are not used all the year round and kept in storage. As such mice hide in RV’s where they found themselves easy to hide or nest. The mice can also get in the RV during spring, summer or fall months.

What are the Health Risks if mice enter RV?

Many diseases and parasites are carried by the mice that are passed on to humans. In RV’s, deer mice are usually found that may carry Hantavirus that cause respiratory disease. If you come in contact with deer mice caught in a trap, then there is the risk of getting the diseases that are fatal.

It is important to keep your RV free from mice. Some people face mice droppings all over the RV. The damage occurs due to the rodents present in the camper. It takes a long time to clean the camper. It is important to keep mice out of the camper to maintain the clean condition.

How to keep mice out of RV

I would like to discuss some important ways through which you can keep mice out of RV. Let’s move ahead with the discussion.

1. Prevent the mice access to the RV

The mice must be checked to look at the access point. Be particular to block the openings. You can use spray foam to fill the cracks and tiny holes. On larger openings, use mesh screens like vents and access ports.

2. Provide less fascinating look

Remove any food where you feel that mouse could have easy access. Use plastic sealed container to seal pet food. You should remove weird things, paper products, clothing and towels that mice can eat. Make use of night lighting as nocturnal rodents dislike light.

3. Make use of Peppermint or Mothballs

You can make use of peppermint oil or mothballs if the mice enter in your RV or camper. Mothballs can keep mice away from the camper. Peppermint oil is effective to keep mice out of the camper. By using it, you can easily protect your bed liner.

4. Make use of Trap outside

To keep the mice out you can take advantage of the trap. If anybody uses motorhomes, then out of the camper they can make use of 5-gallon bucket mouse trap that keeps away the mice. The mice get attracted to the 5-gallon bucket, and once they enter the bucket, they are unable to get out. As a result, they can’t go in the camper. You can also make use of original wire snap trap or Mini T-Rex trap.

5. Some other deterrents

You can use some other types of restraints to keep mice away.

  • Fresh Cab– You can place some of the little pouches of botanical materials around the RV. The mice hate it so will remain away from it.
  • Mouse Free- It will keep the mice away from entering if you spray on the undercarriage of the trailer.
  • Fabric Softener sheets- All over the RV, spread dryer sheets that will keep mice away.
  • Irish Spring Soap- The mice hate the smell of it. Whenever they feel it, they will remain away from it.

Vital Information

You must regularly inspect your RV so that you can keep mice out of the camper. All the steps as mentioned above will immensely help you in keeping your RV or camper mice free. To dissuade mice, you have to make the arrangement of all the things appropriately. I hope the tips to keep mice out of your RV is valued by you. Prevention is better than cure so it would be great if you prevent the mice from entering inside the RV. Just make sure that no holes lead to the outside from where mice can quickly enter the camper. You should tightly seal your RV to get rid of mice.

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