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How to Install Truck Tool Box with Bed Liner: Attach It Now

Having a truck tool box in the truck allows you to keep your equipment. So it becomes essential to install it in your bed liner. A truck toolbox will serve you in the number of ways. It will provide you safety precaution, work as the first aid box and give you the opportunity to organize things properly.

If you are aware of the benefits of truck tool box with the bed liner, then you must be thinking about the installation of the same.

Here I will make you acquainted with how to install a truck toolbox so that you can efficiently carry your transport task.

How to install a truck toolbox?

Every process requires systematic planning. So before moving ahead for the installation of the truck toolbox, make sure that you do prior planning regarding where you are going to fit the toolbox in your transport truck. It should be comfy and easy going for you to access appropriately. Many times people decide on to fix truck boxes behind the cab. The choice is yours. Ensure you can open it effortlessly.

Start collecting the quality materials once you have finalized the place of installation.

Step-1: Arrange the materials

You should purchase a quality toolbox and padding materials. Along with it make arrangements for screws and nuts to fix the toolkit in your transport vehicle.

Arrange the materials

Step-2: Take the measurements

Make use of the measuring tape to evaluate the size of the toolbox. If you want to save your toolbox from scratch, then make use of rubber or foam padding which you can keep on your truck rails. Measure the foam material correctly. Make sure that you consider the dimension of the toolbox in your mind along with it pay attention to the ways of cover opens and the processes of the locks.

Take the measurements

Step-3: Fix the toolbox

In the pre-drilled holes, you should move in the rubber j-bolt plugs. After that, on the top of the padding, you can place the box. Use foam material to protect the bottom so that your toolbox in the bed rails remain secure.

In the appliance, you can locate the holes by lifting the cover. Under the bed rail, you can hook the j-bolt. On the threaded part, you can set the rubber plugs. To enjoy the right setting, you can make use of the pair of pliers to fit the nuts appropriately. But make sure there should not be extreme pressure.

By following all the steps mentioned above, you can ideally install your truck toolbox in your transport vehicle.

Fix the toolbox

Fix it now

From this piece of writing, you will come to know about how to mount a truck tool box systematically and painlessly. This informative article will teach you about the procedures of anchoring toolbox. Give your toolbox the secure position in your truck bed liner.

Take proper care of your toolbox by inspecting it on a regular basis. Assure that you do not fit the toolbox tightly so that you can enjoy your vehicle’s bed rail free from harm.

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