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How to install a push button ignition on your car – Simple steps

A bad ignition switch needs to be replaced immediately. But, this is expensive and can take a lot of time whether you do it yourself or hire a mechanic. You can expect to pay anything around $100 to get the job. However, there’s a way to make this process easy and affordable. That’s exactly what we shall discuss in our article.

Converting your car to push button ignition – Is it possible?

Push button ignition is quite innovative and quick. It helps you save time finding your keys and going through multiple steps every time you want to use the car. It is also very feasible for people with arthritis and similar health problems that make using keys difficult. 

If your car doesn’t already have the provision for this, you can easily convert it by adding a switch instead of the hot wires.

How to install a push button ignition on your car

Please go through the steps below to learn how to install a push button ignition all by yourself.

push button ignition

  • Start by disconnecting the battery. This is a very important step because a hooked up battery can cause multiple problems and is capable of starting fires.
  • Finalize a place for the push button ignition. Our vote goes to the dashboard but you can also choose the glove compartment or the console.
  • Now, gather your wrench and remove the nut from the starter solenoid – positive end
  • Bring out your crimping tool to crimp the top ¼-inch of the wire. This is to remove the insulation from the top.
  • Attach the wire to the eyelet connector. Crimp it in place and attach the nut again.
  • Now take the wire to the passenger compartment while being very careful about its path. It should not come in contact with the hot engine parts or any sharp edges. 
  • Once you reach the intended location, add a few inches to the wire and clip it. It is always advisable to have some extra wire.
  • Follow the same crimping process to this end and strip it with the crimper. 
  • Get an appropriately sized crimp connector and install it on the push button switch.
  • At the back of the switch, you will find a screw. Remove it and attach the connector here.
  • On the remaining wire, strip a little on the edge to remove insulation and connect the crimper.
  • This one will go back to the battery on the positive side. 
  • Reconnect your battery from the negative side. The positive side should also be reconnected but using the new wire. 

Please note that you will still need your key to use the steering wheel. So turn the key in the ignition and then press the push button ignition. 


This might be slightly time consuming but it is easy to go through once you start. If you still have doubts, we request you to hire a mechanic for help. It’s always safe to spend some extra money and get the job done than to risk injury or dangers.

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