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How to Install Front & Rear Shocks on a Chevy Truck: A Proper Guide

As we all know that truck shocks play a vital role in our road trips; by allowing us the smoothest ride possible. It absorbs the excessive energy and the shocks caused by the uneven road. With the passing time, the components of the shocks wear down which may create a bounce of the vehicles. If the shocks of the truck are not proper, then even the smallest bump of the road can also start to hit harder. So, it is imperative replacing shocks on a truck.

How to Test the Shocks?

To find out that the shocks are not working correctly is not at all problematic. Even an essential visual inspection can also lead you to the conclusion. When you see the weeping or leakage of hydraulic fluid around the piston base, it is a sign of wear on hydraulic based shocks.

If you want to test the shocks, then push the truck down above the shocks and release it immediately to see if the truck stands steady or gives a slight bounce. Bounces are not allowed if there are shocks, as correctly working shocks stabilize the vehicle immediately. So if there is a bounce, that means the shock is not dampening correctly.

How to Replace Shocks on Chevy Silverado?

It is recommended to replace the shocks in pairs. So, when there is a need to change the front shock, then it is preferable to adjust the shock on the back side also. Let’s have a look at the step by step guide on front and rear shocks on chevy truck.

Tools you will need during the process:

  • Blocks and Wheel Chocks
  • Adequately rated floor jacks and support stands
  • Ratcheting Socket Wrench
  • Combination Wrench
  • Safety Glasses

How to Install Front & Rear Shocks?

Step 1: First of all, block the wheels so that the vehicle does not move away. The transmission should be in ‘park’ mode or 1st gear. Then, loosen the lug nuts. You don’t need to remove the bolts entirely; you have to loosen them.

block wheel

Step 2: If you find out that the shocks are rusty, then it is recommended to use penetrating oil before starting any process. It is essential to make the installation effortless and smooth.

shocks are rusty

Step 3: Take out the jack to jack the truck up and secure it on the stands. Here, take extra care of the set up as you have to work underneath the truck and it must not fall. The rear tires should be 6 to 8 inches up the ground surface.

jack to jack the truck up

Step 4: If you need some another jack or some other stands, take it; and make the entire rear axle elevated. Keep the floor jack near the lower shock mount and place the stands on position, cradling the axle. Before putting the vehicle’s weight on the stands, secure the stands once again.

floor jack


Step 5: Wear your safety glasses and slide under the truck to start the process of changing rear shocks. Remove the upper shock retaining bolt using the socket. You can also use the threaded rod with a separate tool to stop the rode from spinning. Then, remove the bottom shock bolt and give it a few taps with a hammer.

Remove the upper shock

Step 6: When you are doing the whole process, protect the threads or use new hardware. Install the two main mounting hardware and attach the new shock to the truck, starting with the upper shock bolts and washers. Use your hands to tighten them. Re-mount the bottom of the shock into the new shock extension.

attach the new shock

Step 7: Repeat this procedure for the other side of the vehicle and remove any tools or packaging debris or materials out from or under the vehicle. Recheck the whole installation and make sure that all the bolts, nuts, and other vital hardware are fit into the place.

Step 8: Lower the vehicle, put the stands and jacks in their places, and go for a test drive. Don’t start the process of installation if any part is missing. It is essential to read the instruction before and after the process so that you can find out the missing information if any!

go for a test drive

Things to Keep in Mind

If there is only one jack supporting the truck, then place support stands as per the manufacturer’s guide. It is mandatory for your safety purposes.

Never avoid safety equipment like eye gears, hand gloves, and face protection. They are necessary when you are involved in such mechanical activities.

Have a helper around you during the installation process, if possible! He can help you to get the needed stuff when you are installing the shocks laying under the truck.

So this is the detailed guideline for replacing shocks on a truck. I hope this article can solve your doubts. Changing the shocks or any other hardware as easy as DIY bedliner, if you follow the instruction or step by step guide given by the manufacturer.

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