Gator Guard Bed Liner Reviewed and Compared

You must have heard the brand name of Gator Guard bed liner. If not, then here you will surely get the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the same. Here I will throw light on the Gator Guard Bed liner reviews which will guide you regarding the protection of your truck bed.

Gator Guard Bed Liner

The high-quality bed liner provides excellent security and protection to your transport vehicle. If I talk about the great features and quality, then Gator Guard occupies the prominent position. Let’s discuss the features of this truck bed protector.

  • It is made up of epoxy/urethane blended liquid which is considered superior in quality.
  • It holds high tear strength and enjoys the capacity to endure scratches, fuel, and acids.
  • You can make use of this rugged product for your pickup trucks, buses and many types of delivery vehicles.  
  • It is free from isocyanates which you will find in the type of polyurethane products. The minimal amount of volatile organic compound is seen in this product.
  • You will not suffer from the issue of bed corrosion as this lining system can distort and catch water along with pollutants.
  • It provides durable finish as it serves as the non-skid additive. You can stick to bare metal.
  • It can cover 32 square feet. If you have more extensive truck beds, then you should buy two kits. Between 65 and 95 degrees F, this bed liner will work most finely.

All these are the outstanding features of Gator Guard Bed Liner Kit.

After knowing the features let’s move on to the pros and cons of Gator Guard Bed Liner.

Advantages of Gator Guard Bed Liner

  • You can seal and protect your transport vehicle with this sturdy, durable coating.
  • By applying this bed liner, you can increase the resale value of your vehicle.
  • It will help you to reduce maintenance and will provide complete look.
  • It holds high tear strength, and at the low temperature, you will find it flexible.
  • It is unaffected by oil, grease, and chemicals.
  • On curing it gets non-flammable. It takes near about 24 hours for healing.
  • This product is resourceful, reasonable and bendable too.

The drawback of Gator Guard Bed Liner

  • It is not suitable for polyethylene and similar plastics.  
  • Some users face the leaking issue all around the box.

General Information

You can apply it with the help of broad brush or roller. If you feel like to spray, then make use of undercoating gun. It is made in Canada. It enjoys OEM appearance. It will serve as the construction and farm equipment, concrete floors, marine and tool for off the road formation.

The Gator Guard II Liner Kit comes in black color and holds the 2-part epoxy formula. You can take care of your truck bed by making use of Gator Guard II Liner kit.

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