Does aftermarket exhaust void warranty? – know the real truth

Exhaust systems in vehicles are designed to cater to multiple different needs and situations. This means that they are flexible and can do a good job in different driving conditions. While that’s actually a great thing, you should realize that these exhaust systems are not the best for specific purposes. For example, if you mostly use your vehicle for off-roading or drive it in uneven terrains, its requirements will be different from vehicles used for daily driving. So, investing in an aftermarket exhaust sounds like a good idea. 

Benefits of an aftermarket exhaust

If the stock exhaust is working just fine, why would you want to choose an aftermarket exhaust? Well, there are a few good benefits that you should know about:

This is when the doubt about warranty arises. Will changing the exhaust after the warranty? We are here to answer this question.

Does aftermarket exhaust void warranty?

We have amazing news for you! Aftermarket exhaust, in most cases, will not void warranty. Please note that we are saying “most cases” and not always. 

What we mean by this is that if your aftermarket exhaust works well and does not affect any other part of the vehicle, your warranty will stay intact. 

What would void a warranty?

If it causes any sort of damage to the other components, even during installation, you will not be able to claim warranty for those parts. Also, if you run into a problem in the engine and the mechanic traces it back to your exhaust system, you can be sure that the warranty will be void. 

If you are lucky enough for such problems to not arise, you won’t have to worry about anything because if/when the time for repairs of other parts comes, the warranty will stay.

It is important to note that no dealer or manufacturer will go the extra mile to void your warranty. If the terms and conditions are met, they will be more than happy to help you out. But it is really unfair to expect them to bear the expenses when the fault was on your end. 

People also ask

1) Is aftermarket exhaust bad for engine?

The engine needs to be re-tuned after installation. If that’s done, you won’t have to worry about anything.

2) Does aftermarket exhaust void Ford warranty?

Unless the exhaust is the reason behind any damages, the warranty will remain intact.

3) Is it worth getting an aftermarket exhaust?

Yes, it is.

4) Will an aftermarket exhaust pass emissions?

A new exhaust will not affect the emissions. It only affects the sound.


You can definitely choose an aftermarket exhaust system for your vehicle if you think the stock system is not performing as expected. The only thing to remember is to buy a good, reliable product and have it installed professionally. These steps will reduce chances of damage.

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