Chevy Colorado Bedliner – Best Protection for Your Truck Bed

Chevy Colorado is the rugged beauty but to maintain this machine; you need to make sure that the truck is well maintained. Though the overall built of Chevy Colorado is excellent, the one thing which got overlooked by the company is proper bed protection. Vehicles are an excellent means of transportation, but with all the dumping of loads, the truck bed get scratched, dented and corrosion. To protect the bed liner of Chevy Colorado, it is advisable to invest in a bed liner that protects the surface from any damage.

In this article, we are featuring some of the top chevy colorado drop-in bedliners available in the market. Each product is picked because of the excellent quality with the best chevy colorado bed liner prices one can find online.

Chevy Colorado Bedliner

1. BedRug Full Bed Liner for Chevy Colorado

BedRug Full Bedliner BRB15CCK fitsWish to give your truck a more finished look? The BedRug Bedliner might do the exact work as the construction of the bed liner is rugged. The anti-skid surface, cushioned floor, water, chemical and stain resistance make this bed liner a dream accessory for every truck owner.

Features of BedRug Full Bedliner:

  • BedRug Bedliner has built which is designed for Chevy Colorado and similar trucks.
  • The bed liner has a dimension of 15 x 15 x 68 inches and weighs 21 pounds.
  • This bed liner will protect the surface, prevent cargo from slipping or sliding.
  • The ¾ cushioned floor is waterproof, stain and chemical resistance.
  • Engineered to last longer and fit perfectly around the surface.
  • For cleaning just use water to remove dirt or debris from the surface.


2. Penda 61106SRX Chevy Colorado Bed Liner

Penda 61106SRX 6′ Bed LinerPenda 61106SRX bed liner offers your truck surface more protection than any conventional bedliners. The skid resistance top protects the cargo during transportation, protect the surface from dent, scrape or chemicals. Designed and cut to perfection this is the best chevy colorado drop in bed liner you can find in the market.

Features of Penda 61106SRX Bed Liner:

  • Penda 61106SRX Bed liner is designed to protect your cargo from skidding on the rough route.
  • The thick bast and rib design guard the surface against scrapes and dents.
  • Smart design that let water to drain away from the bed.
  • This bed liner has broad holders and tailgate cup holders.
  • The surface is oil, chemical, water, and gasoline resistance.
  • No need to drill, just drop down and the cap on your Chevy Colorado truck.


3. Duraliner (0050541X) Chevy Colorado Drop in Bedliner

Duraliner (0050541X) Truck BedTired of dealing with damaged cargo, too many spills on the truck bed, then it’s time to install a bed liner that will guard the surface against scrapes and dents. Duraliner is a custom fit bed liner of Chevy Colorado which requires no drilling, just drop and tie down the hole caps. The color is deeply rich with UV Protect finish that stays new for longer time.

Features of Duraliner (0050541X) Bed Liner:

  • The Duraliner bed liner comes with a dimension of 65 x 60 x 24 inches and 24 pounds weight.
  • The product pain is UV resistance and water resistance.
  • All you need to do is drop the Duraliner (0050541X), and it’s good to go.
  • The Duraliner is known for making products that will protect your truck surface from any spills, dents, and scrapes.


4. Trailfx 21106X Chevy Colorado Bed Liner

Trailfx 21106X Under Rail Bed LinerTrailfx 21106X is a specially designed bed liner for Chevy Colorado that has thickly ribbed construction for extra protection to truck’s bed. The best part about this foundation linked is it fit perfectly, proposed to let air flow between bed liner and truck bed.

Features of Trailfx 21106X Bed Liner for Chevy Colorado:

  • Trailfx 21106X has a thickly ribbed construction that allows air flow between bed liner and truck bed.
  • The Bedliner comes with a dimension of 73.9 x 29.5 x 13.4 inches and weighs 13.4 pounds.
  • This bed liner prevents cargo from slipping, protects the bed from dent, scrapes, and spills that can damage the metal.
  • Comes with designed board holder slots to have easy compartmental loading.
  • Requires no drilling, just drop the bed liner and cap down with the truck.


5. Penda 61107SRX 5′ Bed Liner for Chevrolet Colorado

Penda 61107SRX 5′ Bed LinerWant you truck bed protected from chemical spills, dents, and scrapes from heavy cargo. Install the Penda 61107SRX 5′ Bed Liner which has skid resistant design. It effectively provides double protection to the overall build, and the two-tier with compartmental loading helps separate the loading evenly. The best part is you don’t need to drill this bed liner for installation.

Features of Penda 61107SRX 5′ Chevy Colorado Bed Liner

  • Penda 61107SRX 5′ Chevy Colorado drop in bed liner comes with the dimension of 78 x 54 x 20 inches and weighs 24 pounds.
  • The design provides adequate protection against dents, spills, scrapes and has addition feature two-tier with compartmental loading.


Final Verdict

When you own a truck, it becomes crucial to pick a bed liner that is easy to install and works as a protector for the base. While many brands are manufacturing this product, it is essential to choose the chevy colorado bed liner prices with their offered features. We have attempted to list the most purchased bed liner for Chevy Colorado online that have all the features to protect truck and cargo yet very easy to install by yourself.

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