Best Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000: Buying Guide and Top 5 Winches

Honda Pioneer 1000 is an absolute side-by-side off-road vehicle with stellar features. Since it is an off-road ride, it is incomplete without a winch.

Suppose you bought a Honda Pioneer 1000 solely without adding a winch at the time of purchase. In that case, we recommend buying a winch to encounter unexpected incidents while driving Honda UTV off-road in mountains, mud, near river, or at any other related place.

A winch installed on your Honda Pioneer 1000 will make the phrase—Better Safe than Sorry—accurate. And since you are here, let us guess, probably because you either understood the necessity of a winch or just needed it beforehand as your new Honda Pioneer 1000 arrived home.

The biggest challenge for you is which one is the right winch to purchase. We understand the problem and came up with definitive selection factors that professionals consider when purchasing a new winch and a few recommendations that tend to ease your selection and save time and money.

  1. BEST OVERALL PICKChampion Power Equipment
  3. BEST HEAVY-DUTY WINCH FOR TOUGH CONDITIONSZEAK Advanced Automatic Powersports Winch
  4. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY WINCHAnbull Electric Winch
  5. BEST FEATURE-RICH WINCHBraveX Advanced Electric Synthetic Rope Winch Kit

Buying Guide: Best Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000

You know the importance and application of a winch. What you might not know is the technicalities behind it. And that is what we will show you here, so we will never buy an unwanted winch for your Honda Pioneer 1000.

The Winch Type

There are two types of winches:

  1. Electric winch
  2. Hydraulic winch

Electric winch, as the name suggests, will require electricity to work. And it takes the electricity from your respected vehicle, Honda Pioneer 1000 in this case.

The hydraulic winch gets the energy from the car’s power steering pump.

While a hydraulic winch is more reliable, the preferred type for Honda Pioneer 1000 is electric. The reasons are the vehicle’s weight and space on its body. Also, an electric winch is easy to install.

The only drawback with an electric winch is that you might not see the best result in water areas, so check for the waterproof feature to secure yourself in that regard too.

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Winch Strength

Skipping the calculation and technicals, you have to look for the winch that has 2x the time workload carrying capacity than your vehicle’s weight. You will find the vehicle weight in the manual you gave with your purchase.

According to PowerSpot Honda (The official seller of Honda Pioneer 1000), the weight mentioned is 1598 ≈ 1600 Pounds. You can consider this an idle weight for all Honda Pioneer 1000 variants.

Hence, you need an electric winch that can handle a load of 3200 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Length of Wire

For a UTV like Honda Pioneer 1000, a 50ft long wire should be more than enough.


Technology has advanced to an extent where everything is becoming wireless. In winch purchase, you get two options:

  1. Wired
  2. Cordless

In our opinion, cordless control is better as it grants you to operate the winch from a safe distance. The wired one is also good. Just ensure when a winching vehicle keeps the weight on the wire so that you stay safe even if the wire suddenly breaks.

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Our Top Picks

A winch is a lifesaver in the off-road adventure, and while we shared some of its factors, the fact remains unchanged that filtering from thousands of winch is a daunting task. Since you and we made it this far, we won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the road by just giving some tips. Therefore, respecting the buying guide and the price, we have found the five best winch for Honda Pioneer 1000 to make the selection process easy for you.

1. Champion Power Equipment – 4500lb

Champion winch for Honda Pioneer 1000

The winch machine justifies its name, and it is no wonder it is the No.1 pick of ours and many. As the title mentioned, the load carrying capacity is 4500lbs, which is almost 2.8x than the weight of the Honda Pioneer 1000.

You will get options in load-carrying power; the lowest we recommend is 3500lbs. Anything lower is not suitable in the long run. Some of the valuable features of this winch are listed below:

  • It comes with remote control and antenna so you can operate it from a safe distance.
  • The operating distance is a 50ft radius. If the winch is not in use, it will automatically get shut off to save the battery power of your Honda Pioneer 1000 battery.
  • The motor can generate 1.6HP, and with a planetary gear system, the performance output is remarkable while keeping the heat low.
  • The kit comes with all the necessary mounting and accessories. All for you left is to mount, which is easy as they provide an instruction guide as well.


  • Operate from a safe distance
  • 38-foot galvanized super-duty aircraft cable
  • Reliable brand


  • Not waterproof

2. ORCISH Winch Kits for UTV

ORCISH Winch Kits for UTV

The Orcish winch kit comes in a bright color with an almost similar specification sheet to the Champion winch; however, two top factors make it a worthy purchase.

  1. Price
  2. Waterproof

You can operate it remotely, and the remote controller is much better than the Champion winch. There are a few more beneficial features you should know.

You can find them below:

  • It features a hybrid control option. You can use the remote control or operate it manually; in our opinion, the wireless option is safe.
  • The motor housing is sealed, making it a waterproof winch and granting its user to use it in harsh weather environments.
  • The motor produces 1hp of power and won’t burn the battery with overheating, ensuring a safe and sound operation.
  • The synthetic rope it features can handle weights up to 3500lbs which aligns with our selection process.


  • Sufficient load carrying capacity
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable and reliable
  • No overheating issue


  • Useless instructional manual

3. ZEAK Advanced Automatic Powersports Winch

ZEAK Advanced winch

The 12V motor inside can generate 1.8HP, which is high from the Champion and Orcish winch. This added horsepower improves its overall load capacity. It can pull up to 5500lb of weight slowly and steadily.

  • The steel wire rope is sturdy and can pull heavy loads, yet still, we recommend allowing frequent breaks while lifting heavy weights to avoid any winch failures.
  • The gear ratio for this winch is 166:1, resulting in better output and battery power economy.
  • You can operate it with remote control or the manual cord; we leave the preference to you.
  • Apart from Honda Pioneer 1000, the winch is suitable for wildcat, prowler, maverick, commander, defender, renegade, outlander, ranger, general, sportsman, and talon.


  • Remote and wired controlled options
  • Suitable for ATV as well
  • Compatible with various off-roading vehicles
  • Efficient, strong, and dependable


  • A bit expensive

4. Anbull Electric Winch

Anbull Electric Winch for Pioneer 1000

Anbull electric winch is a lightweight, durable, and awesome-looking electric winch with resistance features you won’t find in its competition, making it flexible to use in almost all environments.

  • It features a synthetic rope with a diameter of 5.5mm and a length of 50ft. The uniqueness it has is its polyethylene fiber breaking force is 23,809lbs which is way too high than its initial load carrying capacity, i.e., 4500lbs.

It does not mean that rope will handle 23,000 lbs of weight. The polyethylene fiber breaking force refers to its overall strength, which is missing in steel wired winch.

  • Despite being so lightweight, the winch is rugged. Moreover, it is worn, alkali, and corrosion resistant, ensuring longer service life.
  • The significant benefit is that it does not rebound like steel wire if it gets broken.
  • It has an IP67 rating guaranteeing that it is safe from dust, dirt, and water.


  • IP67 rating
  • Reliable for all weather-use
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Suitable for ATV and UTV


  • Weak wireless operation

5. BraveX Advanced Electric Synthetic Rope Winch Kit

BraveX Advanced Electric Synthetic Rope Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000

BraveX is a stunning-looking winch offering a perfect mix of price and features for your Honda Pioneer 1000. Below are quick advantages of this winch kit featuring a synthetic rope.

  • The winch kit is IP68 rated—waterproof and sand-proof. Feel free to use it in rainy weather.
  • It can handle 3500lbs of load, and its synthetic rope is 50ft long.

The exciting thing about it is the quality of fiber is fifteen times more potent than steel, and the fiber material utilized in its manufacturing is one of the lightest.

  • Its precision winch braking system automatically shuts off the operation if detecting excessive heat. It is one of the most valuable features as it improves the service life of the motor.


  • High-efficiency motor
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Three years of warranty services


  • Pricey

Our Verdict

Out of the five best winches for Honda Pioneer 1000, the one we recommend from our side is Champion Power Equipment. The reason to select that is durability and effective overheating management.

Although all the options are reliable, it is safe to buy a winch considering off-road territory, weather conditions, and the weight capacity you expect to pull a winch. Make sure our selection includes a waterproof winch, too, e.g., BraveX.

Is a higher gear ratio better in Winch?

When you use the winch to pull a vehicle, it is a slow process. The higher gear ratio refers to more torque and acceleration; lower gear ratios provide top speed while keeping the energy economy. So if you found a low gear ratio winch, it is okay to buy it.

Which type of controller is better for a winch?

A remotely operated winch offers a lot more safety than a corded controller.

Isn’t a 4500lbs winch too much for a Honda Pioneer 1000?

Taking a high-capacity winch reduces the chances of failure to rare since Honda Pioneer 1000 weighs only around 1600lbs.

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