Best Tuner for 7.3 – Top Powerstroke Programmer Reviews of 2019

There are many options of tuner available in the market. Some tuners are expensive, and some are inexpensive, but both types of tuners are user-friendly. Some tuners are for the most enthusiastic souls who love to take the entire control of their vehicles in their hands and optimize every single aspect of it. Here in this article, I am going to review some of the best 7.3 tuners of 2018. Stay tuned and read further.

Best Tuner For 7.3 Powerstroke

1. TS Performance Ford Powerstroke Diesel

Ford Powerstroke DieselIf any of you are tired of complicated installations, then this one will feel like a cake. You may think that it may take more than an hour for the installation. But it just takes twenty to thirty minutes. The best part of the product is the easy installation, and the other useful features are as under!

Features and Specifications

  • The power source of the TS performance is noticeable than the other brands. Even in 50 HP, there is a tremendously positive response than the other chip of 50 HP.
  • It provides a smooth shift. When you shift from one gear to another, you can feel the smoothness of TS. Even the third one is short.
  • If you care about smoke, then you should know that there is a bit of smoke in the various tunes.
  • The glow plug light is shorter, just like about 5 seconds. It doesn’t matter much, but if you are concerned enough, then it is the case.
  • You may feel that your vehicle is louder than before. The whistle, as well as the engine noise, are more emphatic.

Apart from all these, it is 6 switchable positions on the fly tunes. And the product’s settings come as stock, high idle, 50 HP, 75 HP, 100 HP and 140 HP. Try it once and decide on your own, whether it is suitable for you or not.


2. Superchips 1855 Flashpaq

Superchips 1855Superchip 1855 flashpaq is a unique product as it allows programming to almost any engine of Ford, whether it is a gas engine or the diesel engine. If you have a truck or a car, you can use it anywhere.

Features and Specifications

  • It provides programmable tire sizes for speedometer adjustment. The tire size can change from 28 inches to 40 inches.
  • It also features a data logger. You can read and understand all the issues and diagnose them easily. These specifications make it the best tuner for 7.3. It is also tunable for the 6.4L and 6.0L engines.
  • It has the facilities of automatic transmission optimization and internet updatable. Also, this product offers industry-leading HP and torque gains.

Even after these many features and advantages, if you do not feel it worthy, you can take advantage of the 60 days no hassle return policy and get all your money back. So, buy Superchip 1855 flashpaq as it is a no-risk product.


3. SCT Performance 7015 X4

SCT PerformanceAre you looking for a great tuner? Then your search will inevitably end once you decided to buy SCT tuner. It is comprehensive and gives the full control of your vehicle. With the SCT power flash, you can achieve all your wishes of the vehicle programming.

Features and Specifications

  • One of the primary reasons to buy this product is its full control. All the things like horsepower, tweaking torque, fuel efficiency, etc. can be changed as per your convenience.
  • It provides the advantage of saving power as well as money and helps in increasing the mileage.
  • The shifting gears are smooth, and transmission could be tuned finely with the help of this product.
  • All your changes can be saved separately. There is an easy restoration. If you want to reset the settings, you just need to upload your old and pre-saved files.
  • There are a high-speed data logging and monitoring. It can also read and clear the trouble codes.

Apart from that, SCT performance provides the facility with built-in WiFi for easy updates. SCT’s Fuel Economy products optimize your vehicle’s PCM for maximum fuel economy, and so it is pocket-friendly. So for what are you waiting? Order one now!


4. Edge Products 15001 Evolution Programmer

Edge Products 15001Edge 15001 has the capability of transforming any Ford vehicle into a power packed machine. It also provides three separate power levels, which makes the organism easy.  It lets you tone everything down for driving of the long routes.

Features and Specifications

  • When in need of force, you just need to press a small button, and there you go!
  • It comes with the whole set of computer diagnostic tools. It Reads, understands, and clears all the trouble codes on its own and that is easy to solve the issues.
  • When we talk about few of the best 7.3 powerstroke programmers, you can keep the Edge 15001 on the top because of its horsepower, torque, and the well structured diagnostic tools.

After the installation, it is hard to say that it did not come with your truck or the vehicle. It is so well designed that no one can recognize the difference.


5. Edge Products 11100 Juice with Attitude CTS

Edge Products 11100The juice is a power module. It receives the signals from the vehicle’s engine and the control unit. Monitoring and modification of such messages are accessible with the juice for the bettering the performance.

Features and Specification

  • It provides touch-of-a-bottom control with the excellent throttle response.
  • It has up to 5 on-the-fly adjustable power levels and a high-resolution screen. The screen comes with the size of 4.3 inches and with the full color.
  • The product can capture the relevant engine information like gas temperature, turbo boost, the temperature of the engine, etc.
  • The customizable and adjustable audible alerts are the juice’s plus point. Also, there are some built-in engine transmission protection features.
  • The Juice with Attitude CTS offers up to 5 adjustable power levels which can help the vehicle to give the maximum outcome.


So, these are my top 5! Each product is unique for its own. Also, all come with different cost and brand. So, before choosing one for your vehicle, don’t forget to check the compatibility of the 7.3 powerstroke programmer in your car, truck, or any other! I hope this article helps you to find the best tuner for your vehicle. For some more related information, stay tuned with the and keep upgrading.

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  1. you don’t mention in this article whether these are for stock engines; or are designed to be used after modification (injectors, cold-air, HPOP, Turbo, etc.) many i’ve talked to, say some tuners are good if you have a stock engine; but others are needed if you have modified your stock enging

  2. Are any of these going to perform better with a 6 speed manual transmission. Frankly a smoother shift is irrelevant to me. Thanks in advance.

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