Best Tundra Seat Covers – Top Rated Toyota Truck Seat Covers

Not many vehicle owners are aware of the importance of a car’s interiors. It is not only about the looks, but also for some wonderful and untiring journeys. When you compare all the accessories of a car, you will realize that seats are the most important ones. You are aware of the fact that seats occupy the most space of your vehicle. Thus, seat covers are also vital to providing comfortable and pleasurable driving experience.

Just like an office chair, car seats need to be soft and comfortable. Seat covers can protect the seats from direct sunlight and rains. They also maintain the seats and protect them from general wear and tear. With good seat covers for cars and trucks, you can avoid all the issues causing your seats to suffer.

In this article, I am going to share the top five choices of Toyota Tundra Seat Covers. You can go through them and buy the most suitable ones immediately.. 

Best Tundra Seat Covers

1. Durafit Seat Covers, T967-X7 – 2007-2013


These seat covers for Toyota Tundras are ideal for all those models, which were launched between 2007 and 2013. They can also be used for any other industrial trucks or open top vehicles.

Features and Specifications

  • They include front buckets with adjustable headrests.
  • Sides of the covers contain impact airbags.
  • The backside of the cover comes with pockets.
  • The company promises to provide an exact fit and electric driver’s seat.
  • All these covers are waterproof and pet-proof.
  • They are easy to install. 

The material used in the making of these seat covers is twill. It is a woven material often used by auto manufacturers. It is a polyester-based fabric. You just have to choose a color according to your car. Twill is washable, durable, and reliable.


2. Custom Covers for Toyota Tundra by Seat Covers Unlimited

Custom Covers

Seat Covers Unlimited gives you the privilege of choosing car or truck seat covers all by yourself. These covers provide stylish looks and protect the vehicle’s interior at the same time. There are many colors available to choose from! Match the most suitable set from the available options, according to your vehicle’s color. While black, silver, and charcoal are the most popular choices, you can also choose others according to your specific requirements.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The cover set has every necessary feature, such as headrests, arm sets, or map pockets.
  • It also includes console covers. Generally, other companies do not provide console covers.
  • These covers are UV-protected and water-resistant.
  • Pre-treated application and treatments protect the covers against heat and stains.
  • They are made from OEM seat measurements to provide the exact fit.
  • These covers are designed to accommodate integrated seat belts and side airbags.
  • Even if your vehicle has electric seat controls,  you can rely on these covers. They also give lumbar support, if applicable.

Apart from all these benefits, the company offers a 1-year warranty on seams and stitching. These covers are custom-made at the time of order. So, try to invest some time from your busy life and get the best in return.


3. 2000-2004 Toyota Tundra Seat Covers 40/60 Split Seat


These covers are specially made from the waterproof Endura. It is the same material used to make high-quality backpacks. If you have a Toyota Tundra which was launched between the years of 2000 and 2004, you can undoubtedly try it out. However, you can also install these covers on the other models if you want.

Features and Specifications

  • The set comes with adjustable headrest covers as well as console covers.
  • These covers are specifically for 40/60 split seats. They are not for buckets where seats are of the same size.
  • Even if your car or truck includes cup-holders, you can use these Tundra seat covers. Simply install them over the in-built covers.
  • These covers can cover the entire area of the backside. You can also clean them easily.
  • Regular users highly recommend these covers. Even if you have newer models, then also you can try these 40/60 split seat covers. So, get a set, try to fit, and then decide.


4. Coverking Custom Fit Front 40/20/40 Seat Cover 


Coverking covers are made from Neosupreme fabric. It is famous for its insulation capacity and soft touch. I personally like this seat cover because of its comfort and fantastic appearance.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Neosupreme, which is an affordable alternative to Neoprene, seat covers are water-resistant. The material makes this seat cover inexpensive without compromising the quality.
  • Coverking seat covers are made explicitly by the tailors, according to the exact measurements of a vehicle’s seats. Also, such covers can protect the seats from spills, stains, and any other damages.
  • The set also includes high-quality buckles and zippers, which ensure a secure fit. Coverking is undoubtedly capable of emulating factory seat style.
  • You can install it all by yourself. The installation process is extremely easy, except for the fitting. You may have to put some effort into that.
  • The company offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects and other settings.

Apart from these features, there is another plus point to choose Coverking. It provides eight varieties of colors to choose from! So, select according to your car’s color and specifications.


5. Katzkin 2014 – 2019 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Leather Seat Covers


These are not just seat covers. They are fantastic replacements of your older seat covers. These seat covers are easy to install and comfortable to use. You just have to remove the original cloth covers and install these to get a brand new, mesmerizing look.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The company provides full-time support via their customer care. Dial 800-839-4107 for any fitment or installation related questions.
  • It includes only black or B/W stitching to maintain the leathery appearance.
  • The fits buckets are only for the driver seat.

Katzkin seat covers offer a three year, unquestionable warranty. You can receive a complete replacement within this tenure. The company urges you to put some trust and buy these beautiful seat covers with full confidence.


So this is it! These are the top rated Toyota Tundra truck seat covers of 2019. I have listed down these products according to my research and personal experience. All of these products have great reviews. Make sure you compare them and pick the ones that fit your requirements.! I hope you have found this article helpful. Try them out and tell me how much you like the most. 

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