Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride: Top Reviews of 2019

If you possess truck, then it is essential for you to enjoy the smooth ride while carrying loads from one place to another. The rides free from jerks, quick starts or stops, or the head not bumping to the ceiling of the truck due to pits can be possible if you go for truck shocks.

If you carry heavy loads or tow a heavy trailer, then you should make use of truck shocks as it will result into proper handling of your pick up truck, satisfactory and convenient ride and fewer chances of quick wear out.

Here I will present you the product list of top quality truck shocks from which you can select the best truck shock for a smooth ride. Let’s move ahead to experience the smooth ride shocks for trucks.

Best Truck Shocks For a Smooth Ride

1. Monroe 911262 Reflex Truck Shock Absorber

Monroe presents reflex truck absorber which will look after the whole ride characteristics of vehicles associated with sports, light trucks and minivans. In all road conditions, you will experience it a high-grade quality shock which is safer and comfortable to use.

Monroe 911262

  • It possesses excellent control for handling due to ASD technology that provides innovative valving.
  • It will reduce friction due to special modifiers that serve as the all-weather fluid.
  • It offers smooth rod reaction. Between piston and pressure tube it delivers better control due to constant sealing because of the fluon band.
  • You will enjoy the proper handling due to ASD valve that can sense acceleration.

This unit is easy to install and will provide you improved ride and handling. As per the requirement, the ASD base valve will control the shock. You will find it great mid-level shocks absorber reflex light truck rear that provides durability.


2. Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber (Pack of 2)

Here you will get load adjusting shock absorber in the pack of 2 by Monroe 58640. To the changing conditions of the road and weight, this product can quickly adapt. You don’t have to compromise with the comfortable ride.

Monroe 58640

  • To road extremes, it automatically adjusts which help you in providing the consistency and ride.
  • For each application, this tool is tuned accurately because of the full displaced valving.
  • It lessens friction and provides trouble-free rod reaction due to the all-weather fluid that holds unique modifiers.
  • It features fluon banded piston that offers continuous sealing to enjoy control. In between the piston and pressure, you will find the sealing.
  • In additional weight loading of about 1,100 lbs, it can adjust the shock absorber with the help of the new pair of Monroe.

If the operating conditions become challenging and you require extra control, then you can make use of this tool. For normal driving, it works wonders. Enjoy comfort along with additional control by making use of heavy gauge calibrated spring. For light trucks, you will find this tool perfect as it will work for tow trailers and loads of various amount.


3. ACDelco 519-2 Shock Absorber

This shock absorber from ACDelco holds particular spring that results in long-life performance. You will experience its high strength and lift shock. You can easily install it in 4×4 trucks to enjoy the better ride.

ACDelco 519-2

  • It will provide you stability and help you in maintaining ride height due to the front coil springs.
  • Per pair 500 lbs of load capacity is provided by the variable rate rear coil springs.
  • It will offer longer service life due to seamless drawn-over-mandrel tubing that lessens internal component wear.
  • You will enjoy anti-corrosion property because of the super-finished piston rod.
  • It will fit the intended vehicles and applications as it is real-world tested.

In full conditions, it will decrease ride height loss because of spring and shock technology. This product will offer you strength and dependability. It enjoys the front coil springs of constant-rate and rear coil- springs of variable rate.


4. Bilstein 24-187367 5100 Series Front Shock

Bilstein presents best shocks for 4×4 trucks. It is ride height adjustable that will level your vehicle easily. You will get a product with hardware and directions. It is simple to install. You will enjoy ride quality, and appropriately your truck will sit by making use of this highly recommendable tool.

Bilstein 24

  • It is Bilstein Front Shock Absorber 24-187367 5100 for your truck and SUVs.
  • It provides different spring seat positions due to multiple snap-ring grooves.
  • 46 mm digressive piston is featured in the monotube shock absorber.
  • You will have the deflective disc valve setting which you will find self-adjusting.
  • In this unit, you will enjoy increased wheel travel and handling in the enhanced form.
  • By the application, it offers 0-2.75” of front lift.
  • It holds a front OE coilover style suspension.

For your Dodge Ram 150009, you can make use of this Bilstein 24-187367 5100 series front shock. You will experience the adjustable height of the ride. Now you can conveniently level out your vehicle. You will experience it the best way to lift your gen four ram truck.


5. Monroe MA822 Max-Air Adjust Shock Absorber

Here you will get the max-air adjust shock absorber by Monroe MA822 which you will find best shocks for trucks. To pull heavy loads or tow trailers, you will find this unit apt. It is free from airline fittings and will work as the great replacement for the original shocks. With easy installation, you can make your ride smooth.

Monroe MA822

  • It features piston rod of 1/2” that provides orderly performance and service for a longer time. The rod is hardened and full of quality.
  • The friction gets minimised due to special modifiers. You will experience smooth rod reaction due to all weather fluid.
  • On compression and extension cycles you will find full displaced valving that offers you the comfy ride.
  • The level vehicle height is maintained by this tool which you can increase or decrease as per the requirement.

You can have details of this unit in the manual of the vehicle’s owner. By vehicle suspension, transmission and tires; the capacity of the car get limited. From 20 -150 psi loaded vehicle you can maintain the level height of it.


6. KYB 565102 MonoMax gas shock

KYB 565102KYB presents monomax gas shock for trucks that will provide you smoother results. You need strong truck shocks for harsh conditions, and this unit will serve the purpose. It is ideal for the more massive truck that demands stability and powerful gravity.

  • It will provide 40% more damping performance as compare to standard shock absorbers.

On your GM truck, it will upgrade suspension performance.

  • The design of the truck monotube is better than other types of standard shock absorbers.
  • In extreme conditions, it provides the positive seal as piston ring is made up of stainless steel which is coated with zinc.
  • The debris is kept away from the seal by making use of rubber boot that will help in protecting the shaft.

If your vehicle performs real work, tow a trailer or goes off-road, then you will find that this tool enjoys the exceptional position.  With the fade-free performance, it adjusts to the driving conditions automatically.


7. Bilstein BE5B514H0 6″ Rear Lifted Truck Shock Absorber

Bilstein BE5B514H0Here you will get rear lifted truck shock absorber from Bilstein. It is designed in such a way that to your lifted trucks it works as the direct fit solution.

  • It delivers consistent fade-free performance due to the featured monotube design.
  • It reacts to the changing road conditions because of the digressive piston.
  • It provides optimal performance due to its specific application.
  • In handling, comfort and quality of ride, it provides significant improvement.

If you are looking tool for the lifted truck, then this product is apt for you which you will install without any stress. It will make your ride smooth whether your bed is loaded or not. You will find it appropriate for your Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram.


Enjoy the smooth ride with truck shocks

You can experience comfortable and easy going ride by making use of best shocks for trucks. In this informative post, you will get the review of best truck shocks that will make your trip easy and comfortable. Install the top quality product to enjoy high performance.

Make sure that your truck shocks should be durable, fit your truck and easy to install. Decide beforehand that whether you want truck shocks for loading the truck bed with tools or towing, you prefer replacing the entire shocks or only front or rear parts.

If you make your preferences in advance, then it will easy for you to choose the best truck shocks that will provide you with the smooth ride.

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