Best Steer Tires for Semi Truck – Top Rated Heavy Duty Truck Tires

Steer tires for trucks are the most essential part as it handles all the load and burden of an entire truck itself. Many things are dependent on tires like mileage, consistency, grip, smooth function, and much more. The tires that are used for heavy-duty vehicles are different and have different characteristics. There are different forms of tires like truck tires, radial tires, loader bias tires, skid tires, and loader tires.

Best Steer Tires for Semi Truck

In this article, you will come across some of these tires that are best for the semi-trucks and heavy-duty vehicles in the long run. The design and shape of the tires may differ, and also they might differ from positioning in the truck. Below are the best five products that you can completely rely on. Read the specifications and choose your perfect product for semi-truck tires and heavy-duty tires.

1. American Transportation Steer Tire for Semi Truck

American Transportation Steer Tire for Semi TruckAre you in search of deepened design, crown profile, superior service life, cost-effective, and durable steer tires for your semi-trucks? Then you have come to the right place. American Transportation steer tires are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and also are available in various sizes and measurements. The following are some more features. 

Key Features:

  • American transportation tires are a smart way approved tires for heavy-duty vehicles and especially semi-trucks. 
  • The tires are 100% made with virgin rubber,m carbon black, and steel.
  • One gets a full replacement tread warranty of 50,000 and a 100000-mile pro-rated warranty.
  • Along with this, one also gets a 5-year mile all-encompassing warranty for three recaps on all tires. 
  • There is no usage of recycled material in the making of tires.
  • The tires are robust and protect against cracks and harmful objects.
  • These tires balance up to 4 ounces and are X-rayed for defects.
  • It is checked thoroughly before leaving the factory.
  • They are steer tires with a decoupler groove that makes the tires stronger and durable. 
  • American transportation tires come in various sizes of 295/75R22.5, 11R/22.5,285/75R24.5, 11R/24.5, and 315/80R22.5.
  • The design of the tires has a high powered mixed pattern. 
  • These tires are suitable for all kinds of roads and surfaces.


2. Falken Steer Tire for Semi Truck

Falken Steer Tire for Semi Truck2The Falken Steer Tires are specially designed for highway driving and line haul routes. It has an inbuilt compound formulated that provides 2x mileage without compromising the fuel efficiency of the tires. The tires have special features of stone drilling prevention. It is ideal for seeking high mileage, durability, and premium steer tires for your heavy-duty vehicles and especially trucks. The following are some more key features:

Key Features:

  • The Falken Steer Tire has advanced stress dispersion. 
  • It has a full tread surface and spreads strain to the tires.
  • It has an ideal contact shape for the road surface that increases the mileage capability.
  •  The Falken tires are redesigned and now has a teardrop shape at the bottom surface.
  • It has improved flexibility and reduced tearing to the tires.
  • The tires stand out because of the decoupling groove designed in it.
  • The tires are tested for tire precision production. 
  • The quality of the tires maintains a consistent tire shape and has healthy gears.
  • These are the perfect tires to extend the mileage and capacity of the trucks and heavy loaded vehicles.
  • Falken Tires for Semi-trucks also have smart shape case technology.
  • The Falken Tires minimizes the load and provides ease in driving conditions. 
  • It has 4D nanotechnology that is the latest advanced technology for steer tires.


3. Road Warrior Steer tire for semi-truck

Road Warrior Steer tire for semi-truckWhen it comes to Steer tires for semi-truck and heavy loaded vehicles, then Road Warriors always comes 1st in the list. Road warriors are serving magnificent tires since 1998, and the production has grown since then. Your search for tires of your truck will inevitably end here. Read below to know more specifications:

Key Features:

  • The road warriors have an excellent grasping capability for the tires.
  • The tires are built in a way that gets connected to the ground and does not slip easily. 
  • It has sideslip resistance that is very rare in heavy-duty vehicle tires.  
  • The road warrior tires are suitable for all types of roads and streets. 
  • It comes in a variation of ply no. 14,16,18 and 20.
  • The tires have a G load range. 
  • It is suitable for steer and all other positions. 
  • It has functional loading capacity in cemented roads. 
  • The road warriors steer tires has the high-speed capability, especially for heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • The tires of road warrior 70R have extraordinary skid.
  • It is also an anti wet property for your heavy trucks. 
  • These tires are much compatible to go with the last three wheels and the first wheel of a truck or any heavy-duty vehicle. 
  • The radial design of the tires helps the truck to maintain balance easily.


4. Lavingator steer tires or semi-trucks

Lavingator steer tires or semi-trucksLavingator tires are providing superior driving experiences with their newly updated skid steer tires with maximum grip capacity. These tires are specially designed for long routes and high-pressure loads. Read the specifications below to know more: 

Key Features:

  • These are the build, uniquely for the highways. 
  • It has low rolling resistance and low fuel-saving function. 
  • Lavingator steer tires have functional loading capacity.
  • It has low noise features and excellent skid resistance and water drainage function. 
  • The air pressure of the tire is inflated according to ti the national standards. 
  • There are no changes of leakages or cracks on these tires. 
  • They have a double-coated wall inside that protects the tire in every situation. 
  • The design of the tires helps them to maintain a perfect grip with the grounds. 
  • The tires of lavingator 11R have extraordinary skid.
  • These tires are mainly mended for the front tires. 
  • It is made from rubber, steel, and no recycled material.
  • It has a load index of 146, which is pretty good for heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • It has a 143-speed rating and a 279 tire aspect ratio. 
  • It provides an estimate of 3% fuel-saving tires for line haul trucks. 
  • These tires can be used on three axles and are anti side skip.


5. Road Warrior Skid Steer Tires for Semi Truck

Road Warrior Skid Steer Tires for Semi TruckAre you in search of increasing protection to your tires against all the cracks and punctures? Well, these skid steer tires are the savior. The extra side walls are the hero of the product that maintains the grip and creates a great balance between ground and tires. Consisting if heavier ply no. 12 and 14, these tires really do stand apart from the others. Read the following key features to know more about them:

Key Features:

  • It has rough and tough tires with long-lasting grip from the ground.  
  • The skid steer tires are made to carry heavy-duty vehicles easily. 
  • These tires are ideal for the long run, rough applications, construction, building, grounds upkeep, Snow removal, and industries. 
  • Road warriors feature bead guards to protect the tires and maintain the perfect grip. 
  • These tires increase the protection against punctures and cracks on them and inner tubes. 
  • The tires are strong, durable, which is compound to resist chunking.
  • It has a self-cleaning operating system due to the design of the skid steer tires. 
  • It also offers a rim guard for the steer tires.
  • This is an upgraded model and has better wear and resistance quality. 
  • It comes in various sizes like 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 14-17.5, and others.


I hope you are a tech person and would have been able to understand the details. But even if you are not, then you can easily just see the difference and make out which one to choose. According to me, all the five products are perfect and amazing for semi-truck and heavy-duty vehicles. But in my opinion, American Transportation Steer Tire for Semi Truck is the best and perfect for semi-trucks. They are available in various options, and also they mend for semi-trucks. I hope you also choose your semi-truck tire and make your rides smooth. I will see you in another interesting article. 

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