Best Master Cylinder – Good Quality Brake Master Cylinder of 2020

In the brake system of a vehicle, the brake master cylinder is the first component that gets activated by tapping the brake pedal. It is a control device that converts force into hydraulic pressure. If you want to know more about how a master cylinder works and the best master cylinders available out there, read ahead to find out.

How does a master cylinder work?

A master cylinder comprises a reservoir, cylinder, piston, a returning spring, and a valve. The moment the brake pedal is depressed, the piston inside of the system moves, opening the inlet valve that leads the brake fluid in the reservoir to reach to the compression chamber. This brake fluid is then compressed inside the chamber evenly due to the movement of the piston. After this, the outlet valve slowly opens, and the brake fluid is transferred further to the brake lines for brake actuation. 

How to replace a master cylinder?

It is not very tough for one to replace a master cylinder with a new one when the former gets bad due to whatever reason. Nonetheless, you need to be familiar with the process of replacing it yourself. Firstly, you need to remove the old brake master cylinder. Make sure to unplug the electrical connectors from the cylinder. After removing it, you’ll need to bench bleed the new master cylinder. Now, install the new master cylinder in its place and bleed the brake system by following the general procedure. 

Best Master Cylinder

Down below is a list of 5 of the best brake master cylinders to help you with your purchase.

1. Wilwood Master Cylinder


Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Wilwood Engineering is a manufacturer of high-performance disc-brake systems. Their products are made using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom components. Their brake components are developed in such a way that it allows them to create brake systems for all types of applications reliably. Here’s a list of their master cylinder’s features.

  1. This 260-15098 master cylinder has a compact design.
  2. It features a high-pressure die-cast aluminum body along with a protective e-coat finish. 
  3. This remote cylinder also features a standard 7/16-20 threaded inlet.
  4. Its refined return spring and piston assures positive pressure control along with a quick and complete release. 
  5. It has a high-quality build and is a highly recommended product. 


2. Dorman Master Cylinder


Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Since 1918, Dorman has been the pioneering problem solver of the automotive market. They have given people greater freedom of fixing their vehicles by constantly developing and manufacturing new repair solutions. Given below is a list of their master cylinder’s features. 

  • The best thing about Dorman’s master cylinder is that it is not re-manufactured but completely new.
  • Reservoirs, caps, and fluid sensors are supplied with this unit.
  • It is a product with good value for money rating. 


3. ACDelco Master Cylinder


Rating: 4.5/5 stars

ACDelco is an American company that was founded 100 years ago and flourishes even today. They manufacture and design the parts for specific needs of yours and your system. Read along to know more about this cylinder’s features.

  • It meets the brake performance requirements of SAE J1153 and J1154 testing and thus provides reliability and quality.
  • Its pressure is tested to ensure safe and confident braking. 
  • With its cast iron and aluminum specifications, there is no extra stress to the brakes.
  • It’s piston assembly and return spring helps to prevent brake drag.
  • The geometrical tolerance ensures that the body and plastic reservoir fit perfectly.


4. Cardone Master Cylinder


Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Cardone, since 1970 has been fixing what fails in the automotive industry. They have committed to building better parts and better partnerships with their customers. Here’s a list of some of the features of this master cylinder.

  • Its aluminum casing is designed for tolerating proper fit and functioning. 
  • The casting is protected by an anodized coating that resists rust and corrosion. 
  • Its testing exposes seals to extreme temperature changes that ensure reliability even in harsh environments.
  • It has an exceptionally smooth bore that minimizes wearing, and this results in longer service life. 


5. ACDelco Master Cylinder

ACDelco 18M2426

Rating:4.4/5 stars

Another good quality, ACDelco 18M2426 professional brake master cylinder, is mentioned in this top 5 list due to its impeccable performance and design. Read ahead to know more about this master cylinder’s features.

  • It is made using both aluminum and iron castings, which makes it a high-quality replacement, ideal for many vehicles.
  • It contains both Ethylene and Propylene and Styrene Butadiene rubber components that provide superior resistance to heat, corrosion, and leakage. 
  • It is ready to bench bleed and install directly out of the box, meaning it requires no assembly. 
  • This premium aftermarket replacement brake master cylinder is manufactured to meet the needs of fit, form, and function.


Which one is the best of all?

From the above mentioned top 5, the best master cylinder is the one from ACDelco. The 18M2426 professional master cylinder is the best one out there. It is easy to assemble and is made of high-quality materials that prevent it from wear, corrosion, and also leakage. It is a perfect fit for all applications in your vehicle and performs flawlessly. Other than that rest 4 products are a great choice too. You select the one that suits your vehicle the most. I hope this article would have been helpful to you.

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