Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist: Top lift Removal System Reviews of 2018

Most of us have same complaints of back-straining while removing hardtop from our jeep. For better results and stress-free efforts, we need to use hoists. They help us to keep away from damaging our body and our hardtop. We can’t ignore the fact that taking the top off of a jeep is a pain because of the weight. They are massive and challenging to remove with just one person. Apart from that, we all have experience that it can be accessible to damage. Also, the hardtop takes a lot of space in our garage, and it’s frustrating.

All these problems have one solution that is a Jeep hardtop lift, which is explicitly made for Jeep hardtops. These piece of magic can not only provide the ease of removal of hardtop just by a single person but also offers a convenient place to store it in the air! In this article, you can get a list of hoists which are trustworthy and capable enough to solve all your Jeep problems. Here I have listed some of the best models which stand out from the rest hoists. Read the detailed review of each lift and choose the best one for your Jeep according to your need and convenience.

Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist

1. Harken Jeep Hardtop Hoister

Harken Jeep Hoister

Harken hoister can definitely steal the show when it comes to the best hoisters for Jeeps. Their height is about 12’ (i.e. only 3.7 m) and weighs in between 54 kgs to 91 kgs. Any of the Harken units have the capacity of 200 pounds.

Features and Specifications of Harken Hoister

  • This product is made in the USA. It weighs 4.3 pounds, and its mechanical advantage is 8:1 which is remarkable.
  • It does not require any batteries. It is well designed with safety and functionality in mind and can be operated by a single person.
  • It comes with a manual having great instructions to help you to make the most use of it.
  • This product can be a system of pulleys and rope that is reasonably simple to put together, but it is very controllable.
  • This unit is also designed for bikes, boats & kayaks, and some other sports equipment.

The users assure that this unit will surely hold the cap in the air. You have to install it putting some efforts, following the straightforward and detailed instructions given with the kit. It works fantastic and really worth the price. So, trust the professionals’ judgements and order it NOW!


2. Five Oceans Overhead Electric Jeep Hoist Crane

Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist Crane

Five Oceans – BC 3780 is the number one choice of many professionals because of its versatility, ease, and value for money. There are total five sizes available in the market – 440 lbs, 880 lbs, 1100 lbs, 1320 lbs, 2200 lbs.

Features and Specifications of 440 lbs. Hoist

  • The best thing about this product is its automatic brake feature. It adds safety by preventing the chances of a breakdown.
  • It can lift up to 220 lbs on a single line of twice on the double line. Its lifting height is 38 ft. with a single line or 19 ft. on double line.
  • This product comes with 5-foot power cord and 6 foot tethered remote control with power up/power down.
  • It is a fully automatic elevator which does not require any hand cranking. It consumes 460 Watt input power. (Horsepower – 0.7)
  • It is easy to install, and its lifting speed of this unit is fast and trustworthy. It offers maximum Speed (RPM): 33 FPM single / 16-1/2 FPM double.

Apart from all these, it has durable braided steel cables. The kit also includes mounting brackets, weighted lift hook, and an instruction book. Although, hanging bars are not added. Don’t get any second thought and buy this product trusting its engine repair applications.


3. Goplus Electric Wire Hardtop Hoist

Goplus Electric Wire Hoist

If you are looking for heavy duty and durable jeep hardtop removal system, then you should definitely consider Goplus lift electric hoist. Such hoists are available in three sizes – 440 lbs, 880 lbs, and 1320 lbs.

Best Features and Specification of Goplus Hoist

  • Goplus offers high-strength carbon steel line cable which is finely braided and anti-twist. The cable of this unit is 39 ft. long.
  • It includes rugged steel shell and mounting hanging clamp brackets. It comes with reliable hardware which makes the wired host strong and long-lasting.
  • This hoist offers lift speed of 26 feet per minute of a single hook and 13 feet per minute of the double hook. The maximum lift height is about 39 feet of unique and 20 feet of double hooks.
  • It does not consume high electricity like other systems. It has ETL approved grade and excellent heat dissipation ability.
  • This hoist is fully automatic and does not need any hand cranking. Its automatic brake function ensures full safety.

Goplus garage auto shop electric wire hoist is very easy to install as there are all the needed mountings available in the kit. We need to assemble them, and it is ready. As per the professionals, this compact and lightweight tool is something which should not be taken for granted.


4. Hoist-A-Top Lange Originals Power Hoist

Hoist-A-Top Lange Originals Power Hoist

Many users believe that this Jeep Wrangler top lift is equivalent to Harken jeep hoister. It is an ultimate and one-time solution when its come to power hoist or top removal systems. It comes with a push button, which helps in the removal and store of the Jeep JK wrangler hard top to the ceiling or the sidewall of your garage.

Essential Features and Specifications of This Lift

  • This lift is well designed. An electric winch operates it. So, if the person is all alone and doesn’t get any help, then also he/she can remove the hardtop in just 3 minutes or install it.
  • The hooks which help in lifting the hardtop are rubber coated. The other materials that touch it are foam covered to prevent any damage to the paint.
  • The user doesn’t need drill because of its “Turn-key system.” This product is well rated despite having a high price. It is a bit expensive but worth it.
  • There is the rear quick hook ™ which helps the user to lift and store the hardtop with the rear window closed. It takes less space to store the hardtop.
  • The company uses an extraordinary sturdy steel frame which can attach the vehicle top in no time, that too without drilling.

It also supports any top with a well-balanced steel frame using the new Balance Blade™. Just like the other lifts, Lange power hoist is also easy to install and mainly their custom systems come complete with excellent installation instructions. Try it once if it suits your budget.


5. Partsam Zinc-Plated Steel Wire Overhead Crane

Partsam Zinc-Plated Steel Wire Overhead Crane

Get a lightweight, compact, and versatile electric hoist from Partsam and get rid of all installation and removal issue of Jeep hardtop. Not only hardtops, but it can also lift and store regular or irregular shape things like stones, trees, mower, engine, or even truck top covers, etc. without taking too much space.

Features and Specifications of Partsam Wire Crane

  • A remote control can control it. The garage ceiling pulley winch with premium 6’x2 & 36″x2″ lift Sling makes the work most comfortable.
  • There are three sizes available in the market – 440 lbs w/ two slings, 880 lbs w/ two slings, and 1320 lbs w/ two slings, and each of them is perfect for the use.
  • The length of power supply cord is 2.4 ft. and the length of remote control cord is about 5 ft. It contains Zinc-plated steel wire.
  • The lifting weight of this unit is 220 lbs for a single line or 440 lbs for the double line, and the lifting height is about 38 ft. for a single line or 19 ft. for the double line.
  • Hoist’s single cable lifting speed is about 33 feet per minute, and double cable lifting speed is about 16.5 feet per minute.

Apart from these many features and specifications, this electric hoist crane has also some other specs like 0.68 horsepower, 3mm diameter, and 1320 lbs w/ two slings. There are also some colored remote buttons for emergency stop and up & down. So, don’t wait much and order it TODAY!


6. Sportsman Series Ehoistul Lift Electric Jeep Hoist

Sportsman Series Ehoistul Lift Electric Hoist

This product is also versatile just like the Partsam crane. One can lift small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, or building supplies, anything up to 38 feet in the air within no time!

Essential Features and Specifications of Sportsman Hoist

  • It has the facility of wired control switch with 5 feet cable. The cable is braided high carbon steel cable with the ⅛ inch of thickness.
  • This unit provides 5 AMP/ 460 Watt rated current, and 110 Volts/ 60 Hz rated voltage. And, when we talk about HP, then it’s ¾ Horsepower.
  • This machine is perfect for any use in the garage or farm as it is safe and comfortable to move/lift any equipment, tools, or supplies weighing up to 440 pounds.
  • Its mounting ability is high and firm. One can securely mount anything stated above to the ceiling or overhead beam.
  • This fully automatic elevator does not need any hard cranking which makes it possible for anyone to lift any bulky loads like tractor/engine repairs.

Apart from all these specifications, its maximum lifting speed is 33 feet per minute, and maximum lifting height is 38 feet. Single cable lifting capacity is 220 Lbs, and single cable lifting height is 38 feet. When it comes to double cable, then the lifting Capacity is 440 Lbs, and speed is 16.5 feet per minute. In short, it is a good purchase deal.


7. Kaixun Power Jeep Hardtop Removal System

Kaixun Power Jeep Hardtop Removal System

The final item in our review of lifts for Jeep hardtops is the Kaixun Power Lift Electric Hoist. Just like the Lange originals hoist, this unit is also controlled by an electrical winch. It makes lifting the hardtop a breeze even for a single person.

Features and Specifications of Kaixun Power Hoist

  • Its lifting weight is 220 lbs for single-line or 440 lbs for double-line and the lifting height is 38 feet for single-line or 19 feet for double-line.
  • The length of power cord is 2.4 feet, and the length of remote control cord is about 5 feet long. It provides 0.68 Horsepower.
  • The unit includes separate hanging control handle, which offers convenient control and power for lifting heavy materials.
  • It also includes accessories like mounting clamps to fix the overhead or rotating support and emergency stop switch for safety purposes.
  • The kit includes built-in cable guide for smooth installation and operations. There is 38’ steel wire cable with sheave pulley lift hook and weighted lift hook.

This product is a complete package. It also stabilizes the weight on first lift hook, and its 110 Volt powered mechanism is just perfect for any grounded household outlets. Moreover, it is inexpensive, which is a high motivation to buy and try it.


These are the top choices of Jeep hardtop hoist. Just like the bed liner installation and other jeep operations, lifting and storing hardtops is an essential task as we need to take extra precautions. Hope you have found it detailed and useful so that you can make up your mind to purchase one of these removal systems. Enjoy the process! 🙂

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