Best Aftermarket CV Axle – Top-Rated Replacement CV Axle of 2020

The car’s axle must allow the wheels to move around, bounce, and rotate freely. However, if they are making a popping sound while turning or the vehicle is untraversable, then it is time to replace your CV axle. If they remain unchecked, then its failure can cost you tons of money in repairs and might cause an accident due to technical difficulties. Hence, if you are planning to change your axle, then the following are top-rated aftermarket CV axles for you to choose the best for your car. But let us first understand what a CV axle is and what it does.

What is a CV axle?

It is a shaft, also called a half shaft or drive shaft, with a constant velocity joint that transfers the rotating torque to one of the drive wheels in a car. A CV axle is required in a vehicle that has an independent suspension on drive wheels. In this, the left and right wheels move up and down following the road surface independently. 

For transferring the torque to a wheel, a CV axle must have joints that can transfer rotating motion under an angle. Also, the length of the shaft must be flexible and should have inner and outer CV joints to transfer the rotation motion at different angles. Hopefully, by now, you might have understood how a CV axle works and how important it is for your car or truck. So let us now look at the few best options available in the market for replacement CV axles.

Best Aftermarket CV Axle

Based on our understanding and research, we have short-listed a few best options for aftermarket CV axles. They are as follows.

1. Cardone 66-5235 CV Drive Axle Shaft

Cardone 66-5235

If you are looking for high-quality manufactured parts in the aftermarket, then your search is over. For the past 40 years, Cardone’s innovative manufacturing processes provide high quality, low-cost alternatives to replacement parts. Among all, Cardone 66-5253 New CV Drive Axle Shaft is the best option for you. Its registered engineering processes ensure that all CV axles meet original equipment performance. 

Also, an axle retaining nut is supplied along with every unit to avoid hassles during installation. To ensure a proper fit, all the CV drive axle measurements are validated after assembly. Even the threads are precision rolled to ensure accurate fit during installation.


  • Made up of high-quality materials and hence has last longer.
  • They have strong resistance against water, ice, mud, etc.
  • Additional bellows are provided in Neoprene boots to resist bellow stress and to crack.
  • To create an excellent seal between the boot and housing, boot clamps are pneumatically crimped.
  • A special thermoplastic outboard boot is provided in few CV drive Axle parts having HD suffix to increase life and durability.


  •  ABS tone ring is not provided with this CV axle


2. DTA DT1250125021 Front Driver and Passenger Side CV Axle

DTA DT1250125021

Are you looking for a replacement for CV axles in the aftermarket? Do you want CV axles that are QS certified? Then DT1250125021 Front driver and passenger side axles are one of the best axles. Made to quality standards, they are QS 9000 and ISO 9002 certified. They have an excellent tolerance N8 as they are made with high-quality steel center shaft and premium grade boots to resist different temperatures. 

The DTA axle guarantees you a proper fit and easy installation as they offer precision threads and splines. Also, they are assembled with specially prepared grease to resist high temperature and shock loading. The DTA axle does not include ABS rings, new dust shields, and axle nuts.


  • It provides CV axles for both Front Driver and passenger seat side.
  • They have tremendous tolerance to resist high and low temperatures
  • They are supplied with machine-manufactured splines and threads for easy and secure installation.
  • It is a QS 9000 and ISO 9002 certified product
  • Features 12 months or 12,000 miles product warranty
  • It meets or exceeds OEM specifications


  • Does not fit the R56 model of mini cooper


3. ACDelco 22789359 GM Front CV axle

ACDelco 22789359

If you are searching for GM-recommended replacement parts, then we recommend you go for ACDelco 22789359 GM front CV axle. It transfers torque from your vehicle’s transmission or differential to its wheels. They are provided with constant velocity universal joints at each end for articulating your vehicle’s wheels and suspension. These shafts are specifically designed to fit General Motors (GM) vehicles, offering the same performance, durability, and service life.


  • Recommended replacement part, specifically manufactured to fit right in your GM vehicle.
  • The production of the ACDelco CV axle. First started in the United States.
  • It meets GM OE specifications for function, fit, and form.
  • It offers high quality, durability, and reliability products.


  •  It has coarse threads, unlike other aftermarket options.


4. Detroit Axle – Complete Front Driver

Detroit Axle

Detroit Axle is one of the best CV axle products when it comes to wide-range compatibility. Its overall engineering makes this product most reliable for lifted trucks. These aftermarket CV axles are compatible with different models, such as the 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2001 GMC Sierra 1500, etc. It contains two CV axles and has a neoprene boot that offers protection against cracking, stretching, and tearing. Also, 3-percent molybdenum disulfide mixed grease is used so that the parts of the axle can smoothly function and resist high-level impacts and temperature.


  •  It offers a full chased outer spline with 33 highly detailed teeth.
  • To prevent surface deterioration and resist ozone, it uses neoprene boots
  • It also provides fully tracked threads that increase durability without deforming the structure.
  • The special grease provides superior liquidity while sustaining a strong chemical bond.
  • It is the most reliable product for trucks that can be lifted to increase convenience. 


  • The only disadvantage is that this axle is only compatible with wheels that have six lug-nut designs.


5. Bodeman – Complete Front CV Axle  


Bodeman Autoparts, located in Jamaica, NY, USA, offers aftermarket products that meet original equipment quality standards. These CV axles are compatible with different models of Chevrolet Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, 2007-2015 GMC Sierra 1500, etc. It is similar to Detroit Axle, which provides an entirely chased outer spline with 33 teeth and a can-shaped inner spline. It has a complete CV Axle that is fully assembled with CV Joints and Neoprene Boots and guarantees proper fit during installation.


  • The company Bodeman is located in Jamaica, the USA, which offers servicing auto-shops and dealership of original equipment quality replacement parts.
  • It provides a can-shaped inner spline and, fully chased outer spline with 33 teeth.
  • It is fully assembled with CV joints and neoprene boots to resist surface deterioration
  • Features guaranteed fit for easy installation
  • Also, give a lifetime warranty on all internal parts


  • The axle is not provided with an ABS ring


Final Words

We are hoping that until now, you might have understood what a CV axle is and when it is time to go for the replacement of CV axles. CV axles are required to be changed when any of the following things occur.

  • Feel strong vibration while driving
  • The tires making inaccurate movements or seems loose or shay
  • When you hear a clicking or mechanical sound while taking a sharp turn
  •  Also, when turning wheels becomes difficult

Also, look at the following points while buying CV axles:

  • Type of wheel drive
  • Quality of joints
  • Type of boots and grease, number of threads, spline
  • Presence of ABS ring for monitoring the speed and alerting the system in crucial movements
  • Fitment- product compatibility

A damaged CV axle is not a small issue. Hence, one should regularly go for a maintenance checkup of your car, and as soon as a fault is detected or your CV axles are non-functioning, it is better to replace them with the best CV axles.

Hence, this guide will help you choose an ideal CV axle for your car among the mediocre axles passing as quality products in the market.

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